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Woodhill Primary School

Year 4



Our Year 4 children went on a boat tour up the River Thames and looked at the famous land-marks and life on the river. We had a visit from our school governors, who focused on the teaching of PE and Mr Phillips and Miss Murphy welcomed parents to a parent forum where we captured parents views about how we can develop the sense of community as well as the children’s learning further.
In maths Year 4 have been consolidating their knowledge of time, using analogue and digital clocks. “Now I know why there is a leap year! “Oscar. In PE year 4 have been working on bat and ball skills, in-cluding cricket. Some children also had the opportunity to coach year 2 in PE! Another highlight of the week was visiting the newly- hatched chicks! The children first learned how to handle them. “You have to be very calm and use two hands” , Gracie-Mae.
Sophia said ‘I loved holding and meeting the baby chicks yesterday, they are so cute!’
Millie ‘I enjoyed Science this week and can now label all of the body parts of the human body.’
Maalik: ‘I enjoyed seeing the baby chicks too. They are so small.’