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Woodhill Primary School

Ofsted and Performance Information

Woodhill Primary School was inspected on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th March 2024. We are pleased to share that our report has now been published, and Woodhill Primary School continues to be judged as a ‘Good’ school. 

The report also recognises that in the area of 'Personal Development' the school is outstanding. 

This is a huge achievement for the school and the community and a clear recognition that the hard work of all members of the school community continues to impact positively on the lives of all Woodhill children. Please see below to read the report.

Since the last inspection in December 2019, the school and world has been through a pandemic, yet it continues to be a positive and strong place to learn. The lead inspector commented on how:

'This school is ambitious for all pupils, and pupils enjoy attending. Leaders, governors and staff from the trust and school share the same high expectations for pupils’ behaviour and achievement'.


'Pupils are courteous, respectful and enthusiastic about their learning. They are taught about the importance of kindness and respect, values they typically reflect in their own behaviour. From the early years upwards, relationships between staff and pupils are strong'.


'Pupils are keen to take on roles in school, including as art ambassadors, digital leaders, school librarians and peer mediators. These contribute well to developing pupils’ confidence and character. Clubs, including choir, chess and tennis, extend pupils’ talents and interests. The school works closely with parents and carers, for example by regularly inviting them into the school for events such as ‘reading breakfasts’.

Leaders have devised a highly ambitious curriculum that takes account of pupils’ starting points and needs.

'The curriculum is well sequenced to build pupils knowledge in detail over time. The experiences children have in the early years are well planned and are an important starting point for later learning. The school ensures that pupils are helped to revisit knowledge in new contexts so that they make links between the content they learn'.

Reading is important and valued here. Pupils enjoy reading and talk enthusiastically about their favourite authors. Pupils in the early stages of reading are taught the phonics knowledge they need to become fluent readers.


Pupils are given excellent opportunities to develop their knowledge beyond the academic curriculum. Starting in the early years, pupils learn about different religions and traditions. 

'Pupils typically focus well in the classroom; they know what is expected of their conduct and are supported by clear routines. They socialise well with one another during breaktimes. From the early years, the school teaches children about the importance of recognising their feelings and emotions and how their behaviour can affect others'.

As a restless, ambitious school, naturally we will be working tirelessly to ensure that the next steps from the report form part of our school priorities for the remainder of this academic year and beyond and we look forward to sharing these with our school community before the end of term.

Whilst we are delighted with the outcome of the inspection we recognise that it is the ongoing feedback we receive from parents and children that we truly value, which enables us to ensure we provide the children of Woodhill Primary School with the very best education.