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Woodhill Primary School


Welcome to Woodhill Primary, we are really proud of our school. As a Governing Body, we are a strong and active cross section of people, with the objectives of providing a strategic view, ensuring accountability, and acting as a critical friend, through support and advice. 

By providing an exciting curriculum within a caring and secure environment, we aim to ensure that each child can reach his or her full potential in every aspect of their development at Woodhill.

The governing body may be contacted via Aileen Cooper, clerk to the governors on email

To view the list of Inspire Partnership Trustees, please click here

Relevant business and pecuniary interests of trustees, members and governors, including any roles in other educational institutions and the scheme of delegation can be found on the Inspire Partnership page:

Ed Nedjari - Chair of Governing Body

Community governor appointed by governors

Term starts: 9/9/2019  Term ends: 8/9/2023

Attendance during the academic year 2020/2021: 100% (6 from 6)

Relevant business/pecuniary interests: Goldsmiths University

I am Chair of the governing body here at Woodhill and I have been a governor for just under six-years, as well as being involved in various projects with the Inspire Partnership Board.

I am passionate and energetic about empowering the young people in our communities and supporting them to realise their potential. I have lived in South East London all my life and have two teenage sons who also went to school in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Employment wise I have spent the last decade working in the Third Sector within Higher Education. I am currently Chief exec at Goldsmiths Student Union in New Cross. Prior to that, I spent nine years at King's College London Students Union, as Head of Community Engagement and Opportunities. Before my journey into the third sector, I worked in the public and private sectors, operating leisure facilities across Lewisham and Southwark.

Ed Britton - Vice Chair and Local Authority Governor

Community governor appointed by governors

Term starts:24/1/2020  Term ends: 23/1/2024

Attendance during the academic year 2020/2021: 100% (6 from 6)

Relevant business/pecuniary interests: None declared.

I have lived in South East London all my working life. I have enjoyed the great sense of community here and am pleased, by being a governor at Woodhill, to have the opportunity to be able to give something back to the community. I have been a governor at Woodhill since 2016, having previously been on the governing bodies of other local primary and secondary schools.

My own children, three daughters, are past school age now. But the memory of how important their first school was to each of them is still very much with me. I am determined to do all I can to help Woodhill give a great start to all the children that pass through our school.

I had a variety of jobs in the finance sector before stopping work in 2018. It’s great to be able to put my management experience and numeric skills to practical use to the benefit of Woodhill school and our pupils.

Sam Curtis - Community and Child Protection Governor

Term starts:30/6/2019  Term ends: 29/6/2023

Attendance during the academic year 2020/2021: 67% (4 from 6)

Relevant business/pecuniary interests: None declared.

I have been a Governor at Woodhill for five years now. 

I became a Governor because I was interested in seeing how a school was run behind the scenes.  I quickly realised it wasn't as simple as it would appear.  It has given me a new found respect for the teaching profession.

I thoroughly enjoy my role being in school and seeing the children develop.

Over the years I have seen many positive changes and look forward to being part of many more.

Michael Stanton

Term starts:22/5/2019  Term ends: 21/05/2023

Attendance during the academic year 2020/2021: 83% (5 from 6)

Relevant business/pecuniary interests: None declared.

I was appointed as a School Governor in May 2019. I am delighted to have the opportunity here at Woodhill to help develop an excellent school. I passionately believe that a well ran school benefits not only children but the community as a whole.

I worked as a teacher in Spain in 2010-2011, and worked with a number of wonderful teachers. I observed how well children and young adults responded to an inclusive environment, and saw how well effective teaching engages students. As such, education remains very close to my heart.

Originally from Devon, I moved to Woolwich in 2013, and have worked for the Bank of England since 2016. During my time at the Bank of England, I’ve looked closely at new banks’ applications – particularly in regards to their effective governance and senior manager appointments. My experience in assessing governance and effective senior management is something I hope will positively impact my role as Governor at Woodhill school.

Lisa Thompson - Community Governor

Term starts: 18/3/2021  Term ends: 17/3/2025

Attendance during the academic year 2020/2021: 100% (3 from 3)

Relevant business/pecuniary interests: Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Moses Zikusoka - Parent Governor

Term starts:12/11/2017   Term ends: 

Attendance during the academic year 2020/2021: 67% (4 from 6)

Relevant business/pecuniary interests: None declared

This is my second term as Woodhill Parent Governor, having first been elected in November 2017, and then again in November 2021.

I became a Parent Governor because as a hands-on single parent, I wanted to be actively involved in the educational development of my two sons who have been at Woodhill since joining Reception in September 2017. Over the last 5 years I have witnessed Woodhill Primary School significantly improve its Ofsted rating, and also witnessed the resilience / strength of the Woodhill School community in successfully weathering the Covid-19 pandemic.

My professional background is sales, marketing and advertising, having worked for multinationals and business start-ups in the UK, Europe and Africa over the last 30 years. Currently, I work in Marketing for a prominent high street food retailer. I am also a Health Community volunteer for NHS South East London and the Royal Borough of Greenwich advocating for Covid-19 vaccination and Diabetes control.

As a dual British-African citizen, my particular interest is championing the diversity of the Woodhill Primary School students, fostering stronger community links through the Friends of Woodhill program, and ensuring the pupils get a rich academic and extracurricular experience. I believe that Woodhill Primary School deserves more recognition and publicity for its turnaround academic performance achieved whilst being physically located in a socially deprived area.

Danny Snow - Parent Governor

Term starts:   Term ends: 

Attendance during the academic year 2020/2021: N/A

Relevant business/pecuniary interests: None declared

I chose the role of parent governor as I have a strong belief in giving all children the maximum opportunity to discover their full potential through education as well as extra-curricular activities, whatever their background. I have volunteered for many school trips over the years and as a parent to four children, three who attend Woodhill primary school and one of whom has special educational needs, I am keen in playing a more active role in the positive development of the school, learning new skills and gaining feedback from other parents and children. 

I studied a BTEC pubic service course and have many years of experience working as a Team Leader in the hospitality section, working with people from all backgrounds and walks of life through my day-to-day job. I have experience with health and safety, training staff, stock taking, risk assessments as well as management experience. 

Education is one of the best foundations that any child can receive in their lifetime. Being a working parent, married with four children, I am truly passionate and have a desire to ensure that every child gets the best possible education and opportunity to succeed in life. I understand the need for parent governors to be demanding but fair and I am fully dedicated in helping steer the school in the right direction.

Owen Phillips 

Headteacher at Woodhill Primary School appointed governor by virtue of role

Term starts: 01/04/2022. Term ends: ongoing

Attendance during the academic year 2020/2021: N/A

Relevant business/pecuniary interests: None declared.

Louise Mapp - Staff Govenor

Term starts: 01/04/2022. Term ends: ongoing

Attendance during the academic year 2020/2021: N/A

Relevant business/pecuniary interests: None declared.

Resigned Governors

Mr Charlie Smith

Ms Karolina Jankowska