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Woodhill Primary School

Feedback from the Community

"I am the mother of two children studying here at Woodhill Primary School.  I would like to tell you how thankful I am that my kids are here, learning such good values.  I see it with my eyes every single day!  There is always something positive, new and interesting they hear to talk about on our walk back to our home.

This letter is not just to convey my appreciation to the teachers, but the entire school staff!
My biggest fear when my children came here was, if and when I have any concerns, how will I approach the teachers or the school deputy head or the head teacher?
But, to my great surprise every time I had this hesitant look on my face, almost always you lovely people, with your welcoming attitude and a simple, direct “Are you alright?” made it so easy for me to have a wonderful, open conversation.
Your staff and the teachers deserve a big applause and respectful ‘Namaste’ from me.
I have no concerns at this point and when I have, I know you are always available for a meeting to help me."

Thank you so very much for your time today and for participating in the interviews.  As you know, I was blown away by your passion, inspiration and dedication - what wonderful practitioners you are and how lucky are the children who go to your school - kudos to you all and your staff.   What wonderful art work is presented in your school and what commitment there is to hold on to the values which underpin your curriculum.  You have given me a real burst of energy and I look forward to including your case study in my art and design chapter, and will be in touch in due course.

Quote from senior lecturer (Primary Matheletics and Professional Studies)

"We'd like to express our sincere gratitude for welcoming us to your schools last week. From beginning to end we really were immersed in the practice and thinking which underpins your teaching and learning. It has sparked a lot of conversation both between us, and with other colleagues, as we develop our curriculum,  so a huge thank you!  

Likewise thank you for such a well organised visit, and for such a warm welcome. We know that every school is busy, and to have dedicated your time and expertise is really appreciated"

Quote from Newington School after visiting us

"My mum, has recently moved into Time Court and has been visited by some of the pupils from Woodhill School. It has been such a lovely opportunity for her and the other residents, as lots of them are unable to have regular visitors and the children have been such great company. They are polite, kind and respectful children, and the residents have had their spirits raised by the experience. They are really looking forward to future visits as it’s a highlight of their week"

Quote from a member of the public following a visit to Time Court Care Home

"Thank you again for being there for my children and my family when we needed help.  I live far from Woodhill now, but my children love this school so much.  They had improved so much and the staff are always welcoming and approachable, with smiling in their faces.  I am 100% happy with the school.  Thank you Woodhill!"

Quote from a parent

"I’ve not long been on a train with a number of your pupils and there teacher. I work at a private bank and got onto a train at Charing Cross. Your member of staff and pupils got on at London Bridge and I just wanted to send you a quick email because sometimes the good things that need rewarding or recognition don’t get mentioned and it’s oftern usually the bad things which get noticed and either reported or told.

Your pupils and your member of staff ( I knew it was your school because of the material of the name of the teachers name badge , which unfortunately I didn’t get) I thought they were all behaved excellent and the teacher had full control of which i can imagine Is a hard job especially during rush hour when there is little seats.

As mentioned above I thought your member was a credit to the school and I just wanted to let you know that she did a fantastic job and should be rewarded/recognised"

Quote from a member of the public on public transport