Physical Education & Sport

At Woodhill Primary School, we believe that every child should enjoy a range of experiences within physical education and sport. Through our extensive curriculum, extra-curricular clubs and entrenchment opportunities, we promote positive attitudes to health and wellbeing, the development of fundamental skills and a love for being active.

During physical education lessons children follow personal learning journeys based on a FUNdamental skills, and multi-ability approach to teaching and learning.  Our curriculum equips children with the essential abilities to maximize potential, and enjoy long-term participation in physical activity and sport.  Teaching and learning focuses on three main building blocks for every sporting action, these are known as ‘FUNdamental’ skills:

  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination

The curriculum encourages creativity, collaboration and self-challenge, through six themed units per year, known as  ‘multi-abilities’ which include:

  • Personal skills
  • Social skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Creative skills
  • Physical skills
  • Health related fitness

In Key Stage 1, children explore the multi-abilities and FUNdamental skills through songs, stories and personal best challenges.  Children begin to develop the notion of moving progressively through challenges until they reach the point of ‘failure’, then working collaboratively they ‘practice perfect’ until they can achieve consistent success – “that's when we know its time to move on to the next challenge” Amidat (year 2).

During year 3 and 4, we begin to look at how FUNdamental skills can be combined, and their context in sporting activities.  Children experiment with the ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’ of combined skills, collaboratively and creatively exploring the most effective ways of practicing and performing more complex sporting actions.  “I chose to combine three different types of jumps in my sequence, a hop, a skip and a jump.  It helps me go further and higher without loosing balance” Caiden (year 3).

We have introduced an intensive swimming program in year four, which provides children with the neccessary skills for water confidence, and specific stroke technique.  "Swimming daily has really given my child the confidence and motivation to learn to swim.  I am so happy that in such a short amount of time she has learnt to swim, and she is encouraging us to swim as a family" (Parent year 3).  Our program has enabled every child in year 4 to swim (2014/15 swimming group), with 72% of swimmers reaching the national standard of 25m.  This far exceeds the national and London average.

Following the massive progress made by children in the first year of our intensive swimming program, we have attracted interest from other schools, DfE and the Ameteuer Swimming Assocation. This sparked a visit from Edward Timpson MP and Duncan Goodhew MBE!  Click here to see a recent press acticle about our innovative and successful approach, and here for our letter of thanks from Edward Timpson MP.  

Throughout year 5 and 6, children consolidate and further develop their FUNdamental skills through a range of competitive activities, ranging from outdoor and adventurous team building challenges, to more traditional games such as tag rugby, kabadi, cricket, high 5 netball, gymnastics and athletics. 

Children will begin to explore strategies, tactics and techniques, and to develop the skills needed to decide when and where to apply them.  They experience different roles in sport including coach, performer, official and team manager; developing a deeper understanding of rules and ethics “I love coaching, it's great to watch someone perform and then be able to help them with the right advice and questions, especially when this helps them improve” Kawthar (year 6). 

An extensive range of lunchtime and after school activities support our curriculum, and form the link to completive opportunities through the national School Games program. 

Our PE and Sport program and the use of our Primary Sport Premium has been recognised as unique and hugely successful by The Association for PE.  Please click here for our feature in the AfPE magazine 'Physical Education Matters'.

In May 2015 Woodhill Primary was announced as Primary School of the Year (Create Development National Awards) for our phenomenal PE and Sport offer.  Click here to read the article in the South London Press celebrating our outstanding achievement.

In November 2015 Woodhill Primary was announced as Primary School of the Year by the  Ametuer Swimming Association.  Our swimming program is judged as the very best in the country! Please see our post award interview:

For more information about how we use our primary sport premium, please see our sport premium page here.