Home Learning

At Woodhill Primary, we believe that homework is an important part of the learning process for our children and it is valued as an opportunity for children, parents and teachers to build a shared responsibility for learning. Following the Summer 2016 consultation with parents and children, we have agreed to continue this year with weekly homework with a half termly project. In addition, a weekly challenge is set to provide the children with a chance to further their learning. More details about how home learning is organised at Woodhill can be found in our home learning policy:

Home Learning Policy

We cannot stress too highly the importance of regular reading at home; this should be encouraged on a daily basis particularly during holiday periods. Reading is a necessary and enjoyable activity that can be shared as a family.

We strongly encourage parents to get involved in supporting their child’s homework activities. As the child gets older, the amount of independence in completing tasks increases, however parents can still share finished products with their child. Feedback from parents is very important for the child.

At Woodhill we strive for excellence therefore we encourage children to present their learning at all times in line with our presentation expectations. This means that the homework should be recorded in pencil, using cursive script and ensuring that the ruler is used to underline and cross out any mistakes.

The following letter provides the guidance for parents:

Home Learning Letter

The following websites provide further support for parents: