Music is at the very heart of our school life. Woodhill Primary School is a singing school and the children are rapidly developing a repertoire of songs! Each week Foundation stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two have a 20 minute singing assembly. This gives us the opportunity to come together as a group and sing together. 


Key Stage One are currently learning ‘A Thousand Miles’ by Venessa Carlton and Key Stage Two are learning ‘Wonder’ by Emeli Sandé. In every session the children focus on developing musicianship through a range of exercises. We start every session with rhythm, vocal and breathing exercises that help to support the learning of their song. 


Key Stage One


Linked to their core text, Year 1 have been inspired by a rainforest soundscape to create their own soundscape using a range of instruments. They have been exploring using the dimensions of music to help them with their improvisations and compositions.


In keeping with their topic, Year 2 are exploring ‘junkyard’ instrumentation in the style of ‘STOMP’. Using everyday objects as instruments, they will be creating a performance that focuses mainly on rhythm, timbre.


Key Stage Two


In Year 3, the children are learning about Aboriginal music linked to an Aboriginal folktale and their core text, ’The Rainbow Bird’. They have been improvising using appropriate instrumentation, including an ensemble of didgeridoos! They will be taking part in a workshop and performance later in the half term.


Year 4 are delving into the world of music for screen, linked to their core text ‘the BFG’. They are focused on creating a soundtrack for the BFG trailer using a range of instrumentation and dimensions of music. 


The children in Year 5 are learning about 'work song' and have been exploring the features of musical theatre and, specifically, the musical ‘Oliver!’. They have been analysing, comparing and contrasting using musical terms and vocabulary to explain their thinking.