Foundation Stage


During the Summer Term, Nursery will be exploring Fairy and Traditional Tales through the texts Little Red Riding Hood by Lary Don and Celia Chauffrey, and The Jolly Postman by Janet and Allen Ahlberg. The first is a tale about girl who wanders off the path on her way to her Grandmothers and meets a Wolf.  The second is a rhyming story about a Postman who delivers mail to lots of favourite storybook characters. Through these books, the children will develop their knowledge and understanding of our school’s values about how to be safe, to show kindness and to be helpful to others.  As this is the final term for many of our Nursery children we will also use these stories as a means for preparing the children for transition into their Reception Classes.

In literacy we will be exploring the illustrations and using them to make predictions about what we think will happen next. To develop confidence in speaking and listening we will be re-telling and acting out our favourite Fairy Stories and Traditional Tales.  We will look at the way the stories are structured to help us to make up our own stories. In writing we will be learning to hold and use pens and pencils to write our names and captions to go with our drawings. 

In Maths we will be focusing on using positional language, to say where things are.  We will also learn about sequencing the different events that occur in the children’s day, such as waking up, having breakfast, coming to nursery, going home or to the park and having dinner and going to bed. We will learn to sort objects by using different features such as colour, shape or different kinds of transport /dinosaur to categorise things.  We will continue to develop our counting skills and recognition of numbers to 10 by looking for different numbers in our environment and exploring the value of a number. To support children’s understanding of mathematical concepts such as number, shapes, space and measurement we will continue to use the Numicon as a mathematical tool.

As part of our learning we will be taking a trip to Oxleas Woods to explore a common setting for many Fairy Stories and Traditional Tales. 

Parents can further support their children's learning through reading with them every day and discussing the books they have read, and by taking them for regular visits to the local library. To develop children’s understanding of number, parents can help them to practise counting to 10 and asking their child to count different groups of objects, e.g. how many buses can you see?

If you would like to discuss more about how you can help your child at home, please see your child's class teacher.

We welcome parental involvement in the life of our school. If you are able to visit the school or help in anyway, please contact Kate or Miss Artis who is the Early Years Foundation Stage Lead.

Please click here to view the helping your child at home leaflet for Nursery.


Our Summer learning in Reception is based around Traditional tales.  During the first half term we will be reading the core text ‘The Story Tree’ which has many traditional tales from around the world.  We will be focusing on the Norwegian tale of ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and the English tale of ‘The Little Red Hen’.  During Summer Two we will continue our Traditional Tales learning with the core text ‘The Story Machine’.

In Literacy we will continue to develop our phonic knowledge for reading and writing, and building our knowledge of tricky words.  We will be applying our phonic knowledge in Summer 1 by writing instructions to make bread just like The Little Red Hen, and then writing our own fairy tale in Summer Two.

In Mathematics, we will be using our knowledge of number to solve simple addition and subtraction number sentences.  We will be exploring the concept of halving, doubling and sharing using Numicon and objects.  We will also be reviewing 2D and 3D shapes and using everyday language to comment on capacity, length and weight.

During Summer Two we will be introducing the children to P.E. as part of the successfull transition to Year 1. We will start with fundamental skills such as using our bodies to create shapes and showing control when using big and small movements.  We will also be learning to get changed independently and use the equipment appropriately and safely.

To help children successfully transition to Year One, we will begin learning carousels in Summer Two to support the children to be confident and independent learners.  We will set up engaging activities at tables and allow children to explore these activities in groups independently, with less direct adult support to enable children to embed routines and extend their focus and interest without relying on the adults around them.  Adults in the classroom will oversee the carousels and work with different groups on a daily basis.

Parents and carers can support their children's learning at home through reading with them every day, helping them to develop their mark-making and writing skills and by practising counting and recognising numbers when out and about.  For example, you could help your child research their favourite fairy tale by visiting the library, or reading a range of different stories. You could encourage them to use their sounds to write about their favourite characters or settings.  To promote physical development and wellness, challenge your child to take part in an outdoor activity such as using a skipping rope, climbing and jumping, or cycling and scooting in your local green space.  If you would like to discuss more about how you can help your child at home, please see your child's class teacher.

We welcome parental involvement in the life of our school and are actively seeking parent volunteers for our class trips and classroom support.  Please speak to your child’s teacher if you are able to help.

Please click here to view the helping your child at home leaflet for Reception.