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Digital Leaders' Newsround

Digital Leaders' Newsround

Our school has been buzzing with excitement recently and has been full of learning, from our learning hooks to our lunchtime activities and responsibilities!  


Children from across the school have been participating in sports competitions, most recently with other primary schools such as John Roan school. Children in year 5 have been learning how to protect the ball in basketball when competing and year 4 have been exploring how muscles work in the human body.


Within Computing, the digital leaders have started to lead a Coding Club at lunchtimes club on wednesday. This has involved creating games in scratch using a range of different script such as events, control, motion, sensing and data.


Our year 3 children have been developing their keyboard skills by using both the left and right hands. The Junior Music Leader has also been leading a lunchtime club to develop their peers’ musicianship skills across the school. Along with this, we have all been very busy rehearsing for our Christmas Celebrations and Concerts as well as the Young Voices Concert in the New Year.


In year 2, children have been using a bar model to solve problems along with using drawings to explain their thinking. They have also used concrete and pictorial methods to work out and solve maths problems. In Key Stage 1, children have been discussing and debating male and female job roles.


In year 4 Cherry Tree Class, the children have been learning about the digestive system during their Science learning. Through practical experiments and investigations, the children mixed different foods together to see what the process of digestion looks like in our bodies. Yuck!

By Emmanuel, Asmit, Mark, Natalia and Brij, Digital Leaders