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Anti-Bullying Workshop

Blog for Anti-Bullying Workshop

On Monday 12th November, children from years 5 and 6, along with members of the JLT attended an Anti-Bullying workshop, organised by the Royal Borough of Greenwich. 

We started the conference by meeting with all the other schools from Royal Greenwich and hearing about the structure of the day. It was exciting meeting Year 5 and 6s from different primary schools.

The course was run by children from different secondary schools and was based on the quote ‘Respect starts with you’.

All of the children learnt that everyone has the right not to Bullied!

We started by mixing with the other schools to make teams to create a song about bullying which is called ‘Greenwich Anti-Bullying Conference 2018.’

You can listen to our song by visiting

The course leaders then taught us about respect and disrespect and how this could lead to bullying. We thought about how disrespecting other people would make them feel and the effect it would have on them.

Next, we mixed with the other schools again to create different teams and did some role-play about what Bullying is.  We explored different types of Bullying including:

  • Cyber
  • Verbal
  • Emotional
  • Cultural
  • Physical

In our teams, we then made a poster about what types of bullying there is, and how it effects people lives and future.

Finally, we learnt about BB which means ‘Bullying Behaviour.’

You should not bully anyone because it can affect people’s lives and that it can affect people’s feelings.




Written by: Safiya (Peer Mediator and Operations Junior Leader) and Happiness (part of the Operations Junior Leader team)