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Digital Leaders' Newsround

Digital Leaders' Newsround

Over the past week, the school has been very busy and full of lots of incredible learning! From our Arts Fortnight publishing to the whole school taking part in French Day, the school has been buzzing with excitement.

Last Thursday, we celebrated our annual French Week. Each year group had different activities for the children to take part in and there was even a French café after school selling lots of French food and drink, such as croissants and jus d’orange. Some of our French-speaking children also took on the role of ‘teacher’ to help and support other children during their learning.

During our French Day, the children in reception were learning to sing ‘Frère Jacques’. They learnt the words to the song and sang beautifully!

In year 3, children used their coding skills to create an animated conversation in Scratch. They selected backdrops and sprites before creating an algorithm to get their sprites speaking.

In year 4, children took part in an interactive Kahoot quiz! They also took part in learning the story ‘Les Trois Petits Cochons’ and sequencing the events in the story.

In year 5, they were inspired by artwork by French artist, Monet. They created artwork linked to the famous French artist.

Tomorrow, Friday 6th July, the school will be hosting our annual Arts Fair to showcase the artwork from across our partnership of schools. You are warmly invited to come along between 3.45pm and 5.30pm.

By Kerem, Idris and Sofiat, Year 5 Digital Leaders