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Digital Leaders' Newsround

Digital Leaders' Newsround

EYFS have been working on their woodwork skills and have been collaborating to make some amazing work using lots of different tools. Well done EYFS!

After being inspired by the beauty of coral reefs, year 1 embarked a journey to create an artistic masterpiece using household furniture like sponges, rugs and clothes. Here, they have shown the Woodhill value of resilience and excellence. They have also used their computing skills to create a poster from their artwork. They were really excited and accomplished some great posters.

Year 2 were able to create a sustainable city during Arts Fortnight. They also created a song about sustainable energy linked to their Arts Fortnight global goal, ‘Sustainable Cities’.

In Year 3, they have learnt to create digital artwork linked to Arts Fortnight and their global goal ‘Health and Wellbeing’. They used the Google Chrome transparency tool and Photoshop to layer and arrange their digital collage. Well done Year 3!

Year 4 were inspired by Vogue Japan’s ‘Feeding my Fashion’ and Cedric Buchet to create digital collage linked to their Arts Fortnight global goal ‘Hunger’. They have been really creative with their choices of images, especially when arranging them. Linked to their global goal, ‘Zero Hunger’, they created Fruits from paper mache after learning about homelessness and sleeping rough on the streets.

Year 5 have been creating artwork linked to their Arts Fortnight global goal, ‘Climate Action’. Willow Tree Class created some amazing digital artwork inspired by a climate change campaign poster featuring Barack Obama. They also created a song for the inspired by ‘Earth Song’ by Michael Jackson.

Year 6 have loved using Photoshop to create pieces of digital artwork linked to their Arts Fortnight global goal of the local environment! Lets spread the message about sustainable living and recycling! They also developed their photography skills by taking close up photos of the school environment and applying effects.

It’s World Cup time for all our countries and lots of classes are ready for the action! Maple Tree have researched their countries and can’t wait to see who will win.

In Science club, the children have been learning about fire and reactions! Did you know that oxygen reacts with the carbon and hydrogen to produce carbon dioxide and water vapour? They tested this and observed what happened when they took the oxygen away.


By Jack, Ashley and Mohamed, Year 6 Digital Leaders