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Swimming at Woodhill but not as you know it!

Year 4 pupils have been enjoying the opportunity to develop their swimming skill through our new intensive program.  We are currently in our second week of swimming for an hour a day four times a week and the progress has been incredible.  Sydney from 4S said “I prefer swimming every day and having the opportunity to practice in the shallow pool, before going into the big pool”.

Each child in the program has made progress and our number of non-swimmers is far less and our number of swimmers is growing with each lesson.  Maison from 4S commented “Swimming is awesome and swimming everyday has really helped me improve”.

Although some of our children attend clubs outside of school they have still enjoyed the benefits of swimming every day and sharing their knowledge to help their class mates “I love swimming everyday as it helps me to practice for my club” Ember.

This intensive swimming has enabled children to grow together as a class sharing challenges and successes in the pool.  Skills which they will be able to transfer into their learning!