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  • EYFS floating and sinking investigation

    EYFS floating and sinking investigation

    Posted on 13th Mar

    Our wonderful EYFS children have been learning all about floating and sinking to design a new boat for Billy. Catkins were very sad to see Miss Mapp accidentally tread on Billy’s boat! “It squashed because it was only made of paper and...

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  • Reception activities this week

    Reception activities this week

    Posted on 10th Mar

    In Reception this week, they have been working hard to get into the character of Billy from their core text ‘Billy’s Bucket’. The children have been experimenting with their faces and bodies to show the different emotions of Bill...

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  • Year One activities this week

    Year One activities this week

    Posted on 10th Mar

    Year one have been developing their expertise in the field of endangered animals and investigating what can be done to save them. They have been focusing on Orang-utans, using the internet and other sources to find out facts in preparation for the...

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  • Year 3 play the Digeridoo

    Year 3 play the Digeridoo

    Posted on 10th Mar

    Music has been the major talking point in Year 3 this week as they have been learning how to play the digeridoo. Children were using the instrument to create a drone, a long sustained note, that requires children to use specific muscles in their m...

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  • Science Parent Coffee Morning

    Science Parent Coffee Morning

    Posted on 10th Mar

    Today, we had an exciting hands-on coffee morning to share ideas of short science activities you could do at home with your children and places you could visit to inspire and amaze them. Thank you to all who attended, and to our excellent Year 5 h...

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  • Science investigation of the month

    Science investigation of the month

    Posted on 10th Mar

    Task: To design and create a habitat or feeder for an animal which we can put up around our school. Possible activities to think about while you design and make your project Science: Research and identify the habitats or diet of the animal...

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  • Year 2 Mary Anning

    Year 2 Mary Anning

    Posted on 8th Mar

    In celebration of International Woman’s Day, Year 2 have been learning about Mary Anning in History. She was one of the leading palaeontologist in the UK whose work was over looked in her time, but is now celebrated for ground breaking work...

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  • Year 5 Ragged School Museum trip

    Year 5 Ragged School Museum trip

    Posted on 7th Mar

    Year 5 classes visited the ‘Ragged School Museum’ to learn about life as a Victorian child, linked to their core text ‘Street Child’. During the visit, they experienced a Victorian school lesson and handled artefacts that w...

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  • 100% Attendance

    100% Attendance

    Posted on 3rd Mar

    100% attendance was celebrated this week in assembly. As the year has progressed, more and more children are celebrating their attendance achievements and are proud to receive their certificates along with their pens and pencils. We hope even more...

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  • World Book Day Author assembly

    World Book Day Author assembly

    Posted on 2nd Mar

    We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday, and the playground was alive with colour from all the children, and staff, dressed as their favourite book character.  The children spoke passionately about which character they were, demonstrating th...

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