We are Woodhill!

Equality: providing equal opportunities to everyone and protecting people from being discriminated against

Diversity: recognising, respecting and valuing differences in people

Inclusion: an individual’s experience within their workplace and in society, and the extent to which they feel valued and included

We strive through our practices to ensure that all our staff, children and parents feel that they belong and have a voice within the Woodhill community. We work hard to continually reflect on this and think about how we can improve. For example, last year we undertook a piece of work in ensuring diversity within our curriculum and that all children can see themselves represented within it. We want our children to be proud of who they are and also speak up when discrimination is present. As a school, we also want to prepare the children for the modern world and discuss important issues around key themes such as race, gender, identity and disability. So many different people make up our community and this is something we are very proud of.

Within this year’s school development plan, we have prioritized key actions with regards to the above and are planning a range of initiatives, events and workshops throughout the year. These will be encompassed under the heading of We Are Woodhill!

During Autumn 1, we will kickstart ‘We Are Woodhill’ with:

Thursday 23rd September

Languages at Woodhill

Assembly with Mrs Armour (KS2)

Tuesday 5th October

We are Woodhill!

Launch assembly - KS1 and KS2

Friday 15st October


Cultural and Identity Celebration Own Clothes Day

Children to wear clothes and hairstyles/ headdresses to school that represent their culture, individuality or identity


World Food Café – from 3.30pm Lower Hall

We are asking families to please bring a dish to share with other families after school in the lower hall

(see below for more details)


Singing Performance – from 3.30pm Upper Hall

3.30pm – KS1 Song Performance

3.40pm –Years 3 and 4 Song Performance

3.50pm – Years 5 and 6 Song Performance


Fashion Show – from 4.00pm Upper Hall

4.00pm EYFS

4.10 KS1

4.20 LKS2

4.30 UKS2


Multi-Cultural Talent Show – Ground Floor KS2 Classroom

Mrs Aoumeur will host a cultural talent show/ poetry performance - schedule will be shared before the event


Face Painting and Body/ Henna Art

Playground shelter


World Café:

Woodhill has historically enjoyed coming together to share food from all of our cultures – it is always hugely successful!

We are so excited to be able to open the school again to all of our families to share and enjoy food together.

This year, this will take place on Friday 15st October. It will also be a day where children will be able to wear clothing that represents them as an individual and perhaps also represents a community that they are part of. Some examples could be: traditional/ cultural dress or clothing that represents part of their identity such as a sports kit or Brownie uniform. Each child will have the opportunity to explain their outfit choice and why it is so special to them in their classes, and then celebrate this with a fashion show after school.

We would love it if each family could donate a dish, no matter how big or small, to support this event and to share within our school community. This could be a savoury or sweet dish. It is a great opportunity for the children to try new foods and flavours, and over the years, many children have discovered something new that they enjoy!

We would also ask that families work together wherever possible to record the recipe of their dish so that we can collate them to create a We are Woodhill Recipe book. We will be sending home a sheet to record this on, so do get thinking!