Challenger troop celebration

We are very proud of the 13 children who “graduated” or “passed out” to use the military term, at a lovely celebratory event held at the Fire Power Museum on Wednesday evening in front of their parents and representatives from school.

The children took part in a challenging and difficult course that involved lots of fun, but also lots of strict rules and tasks that required effort, team-work and working independently.  In fact, it was so hard for some of the children to follow the rules, in school and on the course, that six children who started the course were not able to follow the rules, learn from their mistakes and remain positive about the challenges and did not complete the course!

The children who rose to this challenge were worked hard, with lots of strenuous Physical Training exercises, but were able to experience interesting and important life skills such as collaboration, cooking, assembling a tent and cooking their own lunch, dinner and breakfasts.

Feedback from parents has stated that they can really see great improvements in their children’s attitude to learning, independence and self-confidence.  Congratulations to our KS2 pupils, pictured below (+ Charlie B, Ephraim and Imri – not pictured) who achieved so much throughout this course, and thank you to all the parents and families who attended the ceremony and gave the children such up-lifting support and encouragement.