Woodhill School to remain open

We are writing this letter to you on the day of the start of another national lockdown. We acknowledge that for our whole community this continues to be an uncertain and anxious time, and that as a community we need to continue to support each other. We still firmly believe, and it is supported by senior clinicians, that school is the best place for children to be in terms of their education and also mental and emotional wellbeing. Woodhill Primary School will continue to remain open and children should continue to attend school.

With this being said, we would like to remind you of the procedures we have in place to ensure that children and staff are as safe as possible. We can, of course, never be certain that our school will not have a positive case, but can assure you that we will always keep you fully informed and that we are robust in our safety procedures, ensuring that we follow the advice of Public Health England at all times.

These safety procedures (which can be found on our full risk assessment on the website) include:

  • Cleaning frequently throughout the day. This includes all tables, resources and ‘hot spot’ areas such as door handles.
  • Regular hand washing for all children and staff, including on entry into school, playtimes, lunchtimes and after each activity.
  • Small phase ‘bubbles’ which do not mix at all during the school day. This includes staff and children. Staff maintain social distance and no longer use communal areas in the same way.
  • Risk assessments for any vulnerable staff and children which are reviewed on a regular basis.
  • No non-essential visitors to the school and all staff meetings on Zoom, as well as regular staff safety briefings and reminders. The school office also remains closed.

We would also ask that our parent community supports us in this through:

  • Socially distancing (2m) at all times when on the playground or near the gate.
  • Wearing a mask when dropping off and picking children up
  • Talking to your children about the importance of handwashing
  • Informing us immediately if you or anyone in your household displays any symptoms, and do not come onto school grounds. Please do communicate with us first so that we can manage the communication with our community, parents shouldn’t find out from other parents or children.
  • Bringing your child to school if they do not have COVID symptoms. Normal attendance procedures still apply.

As a school, we are also working hard to ensure that we are still able to engage with you as parents. Please do begin to use Google Classroom and also attend our virtual workshops/Zooms. We still want to share with you what the children are doing, speak to you about how best to support your child at home and provide home learning.

We always welcome feedback, especially during this time. Please do contact us with any questions or feedback that you may have.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

With best regards

Mrs A Vdovin