Fare Share / Fuel for School

Woodhill Primary School is delighted to announce, that together with the charities: Fare Share, Fuel for School and the Mayor’s Fund for London, we are launching a new and exciting initiative that will give all of us: Parents, pupils and staff alike the opportunity to buy healthy food and reduce the amount of edible food going to landfill. 

Our Eco warriors will be running a market stall EVERY THURSDAY from 3pm-3.30pm selling a range of foods, from cereal to fresh fruit and vegetables.  We will not have prices on the food, you can pay as much as you feel (a donation).  This allows us to keep the project running but also means we can all buy healthy food at a reasonable cost.

The main aim of this project is to stop perfectly good food being thrown away.  All of this food is within date but may have been thrown away for the following reasons:

  • Wrong barcode / Label attached upside down
  • Carrots too large / Onions too small etc
  • Too many ordered by the supermarket
  • Seasonal packaging (such as Christmas labels)
  • Best before dates – all products near to their best before dates are safe to eat.  Any products after their best before dates will have an extension letter from the supplier (this is normally valid between one month and one year past the original date)

We are so excited to have this opportunity and are one of only eight schools in London taking part in the scheme.

The market will start on Thursday 12th December in the front playground.  Please come and take a look and pick up some bargains!

If you would like more information, please come along to our parent learning session as part of a Coffee Morning in the Lower Hall this week on Friday 6th December 2019.