Languages Day and Cafe

We are pleased to inform you that the annual Woodhill Languages Day will be taking place on Thursday 20th June.

We are inviting you to join us for a French Breakfast in the Bottom Hall, where you will be able to purchase a selection of tasty treats such as Pain au Chocolat and Brioche.

During the day the children will be learning a variety of languages and partaking in several activities to enhance their learning. Each year group has chosen a language and we ask that children come to school in the colours of the chosen language, traditional costumes or colours of the flag in addition to school uniform. Please find a list of languages for each year group.


Year Group



Nursery & Reception


Red & Yellow

Year 1


Green & White

Year 2


Green, White & Red

Year 3


Black, Red & Yellow

Year 4


Blue & White

Year 5


Green, Red & Yellow

Year 6


Red & White

We would be delighted if you could in anyway support your child’s class teacher or any other teachers in offering your expertise in any of the languages.