Arts Fortnight Digital Artwork

In KS1, children have been using digital technologies to create and evidence their outcomes. Year 1 have developed their typing skills by using captivating sentences to create posters. They even used their fabulous artwork from Arts Fortnight to form the background to their posters! Year 2 have also edited maps of our local area to highlight sustainability.



Across KS2, children have been creating a variety of digital artwork. In year 3, children have been using Photoshop to create digital collages linked to their global goal of ‘Health & Wellbeing’. They selected transparent images and used layers to arrange them to form their artwork.  

Year 4 have been creating digital artwork linked to their global goal of ‘Hunger’. They were inspired by images from Vogue Japan entitled ‘Feeding My Fashion’. Using Photoshop, they used images of themselves in various poses before selecting, layering and arranging images to get their message of ‘Hunger’ across to an audience.

In year 5, they have used the global goal of ‘Climate Action’ to inspire their digital artwork. Using the image of Barack Obama looking on at a polluted landscape, they took to the green screen studio to capture their own images! They used Photoshop to layer and arrange the elements of their artwork and create a graphic representation of a polluted landscape.


Children in year 6 have been inspired by their global goal, ‘Local Environment’ to develop their photography skills and capture close-up images. This has also formed the basis for their published poetry and provided stunning backgrounds! They have also used Photoshop mock-ups of products to place important messages about sustainability and the local environment.

Here are a few examples of the final outcomes:


Years 3 & 4


Years 5 & 6