Computing, Technology & Digital Literacy

In Computing this week, we have been coding and programming and creating digital media using a range of technology, including green screen.

Year 1 have been using their learning about recycling to create a poster for their recycling bins and videos to let everyone know how important recycling is and how to use recycling bins. They loved using green screen to enhance their videos along with props to transform them into different roles.


Year 2 have been writing blog entries this half term and spent time typing examples of these so that they can be published on our school blog. To read these, please go our school blog.

Year 4  have been adding the last finishing touches to their maze games by using data script and variables. They’ve included points that can be collected by Wilbur from their core text ‘Charlotte’s Web’ as he makes his journey through the maze.

Year 5 have also been finishing of their ball-in-a-maze puzzles linked to their Victorians topic this half term. They’ve been creating a magical hole in their virtual wooden boards so that their ball ‘drops’ into the hole when it reaches the end of the maze.

The children would love for you to try out some of their maze games by going to our school blog.

Our Digital Leaders have been reporting our latest school news in another Woodhill Newsround episode this week. They have been using the autocue app to create their scripts and the green screen technology to transform them into a news studio. There’s even some bloopers! To watch this episode please visit us at @WoodhillNews

Thank you also to Jack, one of our Year 6 Digital Leaders, for supporting in Computing learning this week and for maintaining the devices in our Computing Suite.

For more Computing updates please visit and follow us on Twitter @WoodhillCom