Computing, Technology & Digital Resilience

In Computing this week, we have been using hardware and software to program and code.


Nursery have been using robotics to learn about directional instruction. They gave each other commands before testing them out using the BlueBots. They had to think very carefully about the directional language and commands they were using to get the BlueBot to its destination!


Year 3 have been using QR Codes to support them in their Science learning this week. They identified the information they needed to gather and scanned the QR code to take them to a range of websites in Safari.

Year 4 have been further developing their maze games by using motion and sensing script. They're beginning to use variables to include a scoring system to enhance their games! They’ve been taking inspiration from their core text ‘Charlotte’s Web’.

Year 5 have been quizzing their understanding of Scratch using Kahoot! They have also been continuing to code to create their ‘ball in a maze’ puzzles using Scratch. They have been applying their mathematics learning to understand the x and y axis quadrant to help them. They are looking forward to sharing these with you to test them out!

Our Digital Leaders have developing their digital literacy skills and have become journalists this week by writing a piece for the school blog. They used the G Suite docs app to collaborate on their shared writing which can be read by going to the 'blog' section of this website.