Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Please click here for the Relationship Education Presentation

Parents may be aware that, soon, RSE will become a compulsory aspect of the National Curriculum and the coffee morning will provide our community with the chance to learn more about the content to be studied.

Essentially, for our children the focus will be on developing their understanding of healthy relationships and how to keep themselves safe, with sex education being taught in Upper Key Stage 2. Whilst the right to withdraw your child from sex education will still stand, Relationships Education will be compulsory for all primary children.

Relationships Education will be age-appropriate, building on the knowledge and life skills over time, in a way that prepares pupils for future issues they may face.

The focus of study will include:

  • Recognising and valuing different types of relationships
  • How to recognise, understand and develop healthy relationships keeping themselves safe online
  • How relationships may affect our health and well-being

Please do come along to our coffee morning on Wednesday to hear more about this curriculum development. Should you not be able to attend this meeting then we will repeat the coffee morning again early in the summer term and annually in the autumn term.

In addition, should any parents wish to discuss this aspect of the school curriculum, then do not hesitate to arrange a meeting with a member of the school’s leadership team.