Woodhill is 'OUTSTANDING'

On the 1st of November the school was visited by a team of external reviewers from Challenge Partners, a group that we will invite in every year to carry out a collaborative peer to peer review of our school.  Our visitors were a group of 4 reviewers made up of an Ofsted Inspector, a Headteacher, a Deputy Headteacher and a senior leader from schools based all over the country as far afield as Bristol, Essex and Devon.

I am absolutely delighted to report that after two vigorous days of observations across all subjects, and reviewing our data outcomes results, self-evaluation and School Improvement Plan, our visitors confirmed our belief that Woodhill is an ‘Outstanding’ school.  Our Early Years provision was held up as an ‘Area of Excellence’ and an example for other schools who may wish to seek support in these areas.

Most pleasing of all was the complimentary things said by our visitors about our pupils.  The review team remarked that pupils at Woodhill ‘loved their school ‘and were very excited to talk about everything which they felt made our school a wonderful place to learn.

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