Year 5 and 6 Planetarium Trip

On Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th October, year 5 and year 6 embarked on a trip to the planetarium in Greenwich.  The children set off on their journey by train to Maze Hill station, where they then walked through the beautiful Greenwich Park and up the steep hill to where the observatory lay.  From the top of the hill the children were able to spot iconic London landmarks that have featured in their topic work on ‘our local area’ and through persuasive leaflets created in literacy. 

Next came the visit inside the world famous planetarium to watch the show ‘Our Neighbours’ – to build upon the children’s existing knowledge scientific knowledge and develop their thinking further in a different context to the usual classroom based activities.   The interactive show featured an array of ways of engaging the children.: images and videos were projected onto the dome roof above our heads; questions were asked; votes were taken, it was a thoroughly enjoyable way of learning all about the planets in our solar system.

Once the show was finished we made our way to the Meridian line, where the children could put into context what they learnt previously about time zones around the world.  This was then followed by another lovely walk through the park back to the train station, where the children shared their thoughts about the day to teachers, parents and their peers.

It was a wonderful day where the children were able to develop their thinking and knowledge in such a prestigious venue.

‘The trip was fun, because we got to see the space moving in front of our eyes. We enjoyed it so much , even the rain didn’t manage to spoil it!’ Amirat, class 5 Willow.

‘It was a great experience for us, I have never been to a place where you could see the slideshow from all angles. We learnt that the sun will die in 3.4million years’. Mia, class 6  Oak.