New School Uniform

Dear Parents and Carers,
As you may know, from 1st September 2014 there will be a new school uniform and PE kit which will be compulsory 
for all pupils at Woodhill Primary. The new uniform and kit will consist: 
Compulsory school uniform 
  • Black v-neck jumper with Woodhill logo 
  • White polo shirt with Woodhill logo 
  • Grey trousers, grey tailored shorts (summer), grey skirt or grey pinafore dress 
  • Plain flat black shoes or plain black trainers (no coloured soles, laces or designs) 
  • White, black or grey socks or grey tights 
  • Book bag with Woodhill logo 
Compulsory PE kit 
  • White and black PE t-shirt with Woodhill logo 
  • Black PE shorts 
  • Trainers or plimsoles 
Optional items
  • Black Woodhill fleece – can be obtained using the attached order form and returned to reception 
  • Black and silver Woodhill waterproof jacket - can be obtained using the attached order form and returned 
  • to reception 
  • Black track suit bottoms for PE 
We will be supporting families with the change in uniform by purchasing for every child from reception up to and including year 5, 1 school jumper/cardigan (a jumper will be ordered if we do not receive your order form), 3 polo shirts, 1 book bag, 
1 PE t-shirt and one set of PE shorts.
It is an expectation that ALL children will start the new school year in September in full, correct school uniform and 
PE kit. 
Please ensure that you purchase name labels for your child’s\ uniform and kit, with everyone wearing the same 
uniform from September, this is absolutely essential. We will be offering a labeling service during the uniform 
collection days, at a cost of 10p per label. 
Kindest regards, 
Kate O’Connor 
Head of School