Woodhill spring into action

It’s been an incredibly busy week of PE and sport at Woodhill Primary, with festivals, competitions and workshops in a huge range of sports.

On Wednesday, 30 pupils from year 4 attended the London School Games cultural festival.  After a long trip to Crystal Palace National Sports Centre we headed straight for our first session which included athletics based activities.  Ephraim (4H) demonstrated his flare and love for speed commenting that he “loves running and racing”.  See us in action here.

We dashed from Athletics over to the stadium where we enjoyed a challenging and exciting seated volleyball session.  “Seated volleyball is fun, but’s tricky to keep the ball in the air, our team managed a rally of 18 passes” Sharday (4H).  Check out our awesome skills here.

Our final session produced a group “wow” as we walked through the door. “Judo was everyone’s favorite activity, it was tiring using our strength to hold down our partner.  We started learning some throws, it was brilliant” Sharday 4H.  Have a look at our dojo challenges here.

On our way back to the coach we bumped into ‘Foxy’ the London Youth Games mascot.  We were able to give him a ‘high 5’, he even posed for a Team Woodhill photo!  For more photgraphs of our awesome day at London School Games spring finals, check out our gallery.

Our second trip this week was to Thomas Tallis Secondary School for the Year 5 and 6 Gymnastics competition.  “We have been training hard, learning routines and practicing vaulting over high boxes this term, it’s been hard but we have improved so much” Alagie 5CM.  “Woodhill were the only school to enter two full teams, with boys and girls.  We are proud of our school and cant wait for the results of the competition” Kawthar 6K.  Alagie produced a magical team moment when he performed a part of the routine he had been struggling with.  In front of a huge crowd of children and teachers, he performed it perfectly for the very first time – well done Alagie!

Our final event of the week is a diving master class at the Olympic diving center.  Look out for the full report in our first newsletter next term.