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  • Woodhill are now part of the Inspire Partnership Academy Trust

    Posted on 13th Jun

    We are delighted to be able to confirm that we are now part of the Inspire Partnership Academy Trust.

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  • Coffee Morning with a difference - Assessment

    Coffee Morning with a difference - Assessment

    Posted on 26th May

    What a fantastic coffee morning we had to close this half term! Big thank you to all parents who joined us to discuss the assessment and reporting for this year with Mr Phillips and Ms. Jankowska. "The assessment coffee morning...

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  • Forest School investigate

    Forest School investigate

    Posted on 18th Apr

    A stinky old tent and wooden bridge were found in our forest school by our Reception children. Using clues left in the classrooms the children had many ideas about who could have left such items behind: ‘It can’t be a dinosaur beca...

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  • Little Red Riding Hood

    Posted on 17th Apr

    Our Nursery children were greeted by the characters of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ when they returned to school and they thoroughly enjoyed a re-enactment of this popular fairytale almost raising the roof with their screams when the wolf tried to eat Little Red Riding Hood. Luckily the Woodcutter was on hand to save the day! 

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  • Science Selfie

    Science Selfie

    Posted on 24th Mar

    Your new science challenge is to capture your own Science Selfie! Just snap a picture of yourself with some science in the picture and tweet to @woodhillsci or print it out to share with Mrs Waterton! You could be with an animal, eating dinner, ha...

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  • STEM week

    STEM week

    Posted on 17th Mar

    This week saw the launch of our first ever STEM week. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. STEM is important because it pervades every part of our lives. Science is everywhere in the world around us. Technology is con...

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  • Year 5 'Streetchild'

    Year 5 'Streetchild'

    Posted on 17th Mar

    The Year 5 core text, ‘Streetchild’, has really hooked the children, and has therefore been the stimulus for STEM week. The children started the week by sitting in the cold playground and thinking about what they might need to survive...

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  • Year 6 dissect a lambs heart!

    Year 6 dissect a lambs heart!

    Posted on 17th Mar

    Our Year 6’s have been learning in depth about what being healthy does to our bodies and thoroughly enjoyed dissecting a lamb’s heart to understand the route blood takes through our bodies. Connor spoke enthusiastically about the lesso...

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    Posted on 17th Mar

    On Friday 24th March we will be celebrating Red Nose Day. Children can come to school in non-uniform if they wear red and bring the £1 donation to support this cause.

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  • Year 3 design their own flood barriers

    Year 3 design their own flood barriers

    Posted on 16th Mar

    This week in year 3 started with an inspirational visit to the Thames Barrier to see our flood defences in action. “My favourite part of the week was finding out how the Thames Barrier protects us from flooding!”, Zahra, Aspen Tree. Af...

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