Feedback from the School Community

Letter received from a Parent - December 2019

To the Headteacher
Woodhill Primary School

Subject: To convey my gratitude and appreciation

Dear Ms Jankowska

I am the mother of two children studying here at Woodhill Primary School.  I would like to tell you how thankful I am that my kids are here, learning such good values.  I see it with my eyes every single day!  There is always something positive, new and interesting they hear to talk about on our walk back to our home.

This letter is not just to convey my appreciation to the teachers, but the entire school staff!

My biggest fear when my children came here was, if and when I have any concerns, how will I approach the teachers or the school deputy head or the head teacher?

But, to my great surprise every time I had this hesitant look on my face, almost always you lovely people, with your welcoming attitude and a simple, direct “Are you alright?” made it so easy for me to have a wonderful, open conversation.

Your staff and the teachers deserve a big applause and respectful ‘Namaste’ from me.

My children, Shashank - Year 6 and Rianshi – Reception, are happy, safe and exceptionally well behaved with your support, motivation and guidance.


I have no concerns at this point and when I have, I know you are always available for a meeting to help me.

Many thanks

Kalpana Pradipganesh

Quotes from our Parents Coffee Morning 16th October 2019

Thank you so much for the inspirational meeting.  I have learned a great deal and wold gladly participate at future meetings.

Thank you , Woodhill, for welcoming my son into your wonderful environment.  He is very happy here.

Quote from Dr Ashley Brett | Senior Lecturer (Primary Mathematics and Professional Studies).  January 2019

Dear Owen, Tayo and Kamaria (Melissa and Karolina thank you for your facilitation)

Thank you so very much for your time today and for participating in the interviews.  As you know, I was blown away by your passion, inspiration and dedication - what wonderful practitioners you are and how lucky are the children who go to your school - kudos to you all and your staff.   What wonderful art work is presented in your school and what commitment there is to hold on to the values which underpin your curriculum.  You have given me a real burst of energy and I look forward to including your case study in my art and design chapter, and will be in touch in due course.

Thank you again for everything - I really feel inspired and elated.

Have a wonderful weekend - when it arrives.

Best wishes


Quote from Newington School after visiting us. January 2019

We'd like to express our sincere gratitude for welcoming us to your schools last week. From beginning to end we really were immersed in the practice and thinking which underpins your teaching and learning. It has sparked a lot of conversation both between us, and with other colleagues, as we develop our curriculum,  so a huge thank you!  

Likewise thank you for such a well organised visit, and for such a warm welcome. We know that every school is busy, and to have dedicated your time and expertise is really appreciated.

Following our conversation with Navdeep, we would very much like to reciprocate the offer should you wish to visit us. 

Many thanks,

Becca and Becky    

Quote from Lisa Poyner re: Time Court Care Home Visits. November 2018

My mum, Shirley, has recently moved into Time Court and has been visited by some of the pupils from Woodhill School. It has been such a lovely opportunity for her and the other residents, as lots of them are unable to have regular visitors and the children have been such great company. They are polite, kind and respectful children, and the residents have had their spirits raised by the experience. They are really looking forward to future visits as it’s a highlight of their week.

Feedback from a parent

Thank you again for being there for my children and my family when we needed help.  I live far from Woodhill now, but my children love this school so much.  They had improved so much and the staff are always welcoming and approachable, with smiling in their faces.  I am 100% happy with the school.  Thank you Woodhill!

 Feedback from a member of the public on public transport

Good Afternoon, 

I’ve not long been on a train with a number of your pupils and there teacher. I work at a private bank and got onto a train at Charing Cross. Your member of staff and pupils got on at London Bridge and I just wanted to send you a quick email because sometimes the good things that need rewarding or recognition don’t get mentioned and it’s oftern usually the bad things which get noticed and either reported or told.

Your pupils and your member of staff ( I knew it was your school because of the material of the name of the teachers name badge , which unfortunately I didn’t get) I thought they were all behaved excellent and the teacher had full control of which i can imagine Is a hard job especially during rush hour when there is little seats.

As mentioned above I thought your member was a credit to the school and I just wanted to let you know that she did a fantastic job and should be rewarded/recognised
Yours sincerely

Feedback from Strategic Lead for Teaching and Learning Raynsford Church of England Academy

On our journey back to Bedfordshire we all said how consistent your school is in planning, your approaches in developing learning, along with your use of assessment.  The 'learning ambassadors', who spoke so confidently about their learning, have very much inspired us to further develop our use of pupil voice.

The whole day was thought provoking, inspiring and a joy.  Your handouts/examples, together with samples of work and our observations from the learning walk, will be extremely valuable over the next few weeks and months as we reflect and move forwards.

Please pass our thanks on to all staff and pupils at Woodhill.  Both Woodhill staff and pupils would be very welcome to visit Raynsford. 

Have a great rest of the week and an enjoyable half term break.

Feedback from Toolbar Primary School

It was lovely meeting with you last week I came away with so many ideas and suggestions the hard part was putting it into manageable order. 

Thank you so much for this the two slides on feedback for both Literacy and maths were just what I needed to finish off some CPD I am delivering so many thanks.  I look forward to seeing the staff's response 

Feedback from Ruth Sivarajah - Head of School, St James' Church of England Primary Academy

Can you please pass on my thanks to Melissa for such a great day on Friday.  Clare and I are really inspired and have lots of ideas that we will be implementing in our own setting.

Many thanks for this fantastic opportunity.

Feedback from University of Greenwich Open Day

Fantastic day, would have loved to have spent longer and observed other classes in action, Thank you.

Really informative, really useful, talking about how these subjects link into wider school and the support for children, also talking about cross-curricular links was really good.

A wonderful inclusive environment conclusive to learning, interesting displays, cross-curricular learning integrated really well.

Really interesting day, made fun through engaging activities and lots of ideas to take away. It was great to learn from the very positive staff and they clearly love their school.

Loved the enthusiasm and input from the staff, who gave great ideas for further practise. It was also great to see what we had been told being put into practise.

The displays were amazing and really stood out. The Year 6 children who helped show us around were so polite and well mannered, an absolute credit to the school.

The children were very polite and happy to be in school. Pastoral care is very good, I also liked the idea of the therapy dog Benji.

Out of all the schools I have visited, Woodhill stood out the most because of its interest and enthusiasm for less considered subjects and their importance.

Feedback from a group of Headteachers from Doncaster who visited Woodhill.

Sincere thanks for enabling us to visit your fantastic school where the work you have undertaken on culture, teaching and learning was clearly visible in children's attitudes, learning and aspirations. What a delight and pleasure to be able to work in partnership with you. The visit has truly inspired me to continue to work beyond my actual retirement! Please pass on thanks to your school communities and tell them what a joy it was to be able to visit.

it was so lovely to see you and your staff again, the passion and never dwindling drive for the very best that can be given for children in their once chance during the primary years has been totally inspirational. You should be so proud of the culture you've developed and how this is not only impacting on your partnership and schools but through practice like our visit the country.

Your discussion today really gave me the professional thinking challenge to keep driving things forward with our new staff at Sheep Dip and in my work as an LLE, the group were buzzing from the days and we have lots to develop

Feedback from Malcolm Goddard, Headteacher of Marden Primary School

Dear Melissa and Nav, 

Thank you so much for letting me visit your school yesterday and the time and effort you, your staff and my lovely guides took to show me your school. I really felt I got a flavour of the work that you are doing and the journey that your school has been on.

I have taken away a great many ideas and thoughts from our discussions. It is interesting that two schools so different in their background can share so many challenges.

I felt very welcomed and would value an ongoing dialogue and involvement with your school(s) as we both move forward. I look forward to bringing some of my own school leaders to see the consistency you have in place across the school, the rich learning environment and the high quality books that I saw. I also hope we can work together in other ways, perhaps some external moderations of judgements at some stage in the future?

You have a school to be very proud of!

Best wishes,

Malcolm Goddard

Feedback from Sir Criag Tunstall, Gypsy Hill Federation

"Just dropping you a quick line to say an epic thank you for hosting our Heads Team yesterday at Foxfield and Woodhill.  We were UTTERLY blown away by the quality of what we saw and think we've found a kindred spirit.  It was an incredibly inspiring day.  Do pass on my gratitude to all of your team - I'm sure they are all sufficiently reflective to know how fantastic both schools are, but it’s still always nice to have that feedback from someone whose not that close.  Thanks also for the hospitality -  you were so welcoming and accommodating".

Sir Craig Tunstall - Gypsy Hill Federation

Please click here to read the feedback from the Gypsy Hill Federation's team

Feedback from Karen, Headteacher of Sherington Primary School


Thank you for yesterday, for hosting the Challenge Partners at Woodhill.

It was a very enjoyable day and we left inspired and happy to be part of something this positive.

I was really impressed by the Learning Environment, and wondered whether I could bring my teachers to have a look around Woodhill next Tuesday at 4.30pm?

Can you say a big thank you to all of your teachers for yesterday.   Very brave of them to open up the doors in the first few weeks of teaching and for the school to look so amazing.

Thank you.


Headteacher Sherington 

Feedback from Andrew, Headteacher of Alexander McLeod Primary School

Dear Melissa

Thank you for allowing us to observe your teaching staff today and for facilitating this training.   Please could you also pass my thanks to Nav, your staff and your wonderful children who made us so welcome.

Kind regards

Andrew Hook


Alexander McLeod Primary School

Feedback from Stef, Chief executive Leciestershire Multi-Academy Trust

Dear Rob

Thank you so much for the visit yesterday. We all came away so inspired and talked all the way back! Your school is wonderful, a real haven of beauty and learning carefully intertwined to develop the whole child. Beautiful, well done you.

Can you please thank all your staff.

Kind regards


Feedback from Karen Giles, Headteacher of Barham Primary School

Dear Rob,

Thank you so much for yesterday and the catalyst for change that you are.  Your school is special.

Thank you for your generosity.  I learn so much from you and hope I can give something valuable back to you and your schools.  Please specify what you would like and when, including date you wish me to visit in Autumn Term.

I will keep in touch regarding the revolution I hope you've started at Barham.

Warmest regards,


Feedback from Gorse Academies

Thanks ever so much for your input today.  I spoke with many colleagues about it afterwards and we were all inspired and invigorated by your session.  Your passion for education, integrity, expertise and genuine and generous character shone through.

Feedback from Llyn Codling, Executive Principal of Portswood Primary Academy Trust and St Mary's C of E Primary School

Dear Rob

Thank you so much for the visit yesterday. We all came away so inspired and talked all the way back! Your school is wonderful, a real haven of beauty and learning carefully intertwined to develop the whole child. Beautiful, well done you, what an inspirational leader you are and a real servant leader, thank you for sharing your time.

Can you please thank your staff and particularly Melissa.

We would love to host you so please stay in touch and send me some dates. I would also love to send my 4 principals to see the school so they understand and see what I have told them, would this be possible?

Thank you so much.

Kind regards

Llyn Codling

Executive Principal Portswood Primary Academy Trust and St Mary's C of E Primary School

Feedback from Jackie - It's your child's life Charity

Dear Karolina,

Thank you for meeting with me on Monday and for showing me around your amazing school. There was so much I was impressed with, I haven't stopped going on about my visit. The atmosphere in the school made me feel very welcome and I really liked the way the staff genuinely modelled those behaviours we expect from children. Not always obvious when you do a tour of a school but definitely happening in your school.

I could go on about the displays, the behaviour of the children etc. but I will finish by saying your school inspired me so much and I hope in the future we can work together so more parents will know what they need to do to ensure their children are successful in school

Best wishes


Feedback from C.Allen - Learn to ride cycling instructor

It was a pleasure to work with a keen, lively and well-mannered Year 5 group, Thank you and we look forward to coming back.

Feedback from Angela Stanton, Deputy Headteacher of Blanford Mere Primary -  Mastery INSET and Training

Dear Rob

I just wanted to let you know that the training yesterday was fantastic. The children’s books were the proof in the pudding element and blew me away.

My colleague now wants to visit the school to see the theory turned into practice.

Thank you again.

Thank you for the resources and an inspirational day.  Well done on your amazing achievements in all of your schools.

Feedback from Mirela Temo-Education Improvement Consultant

Thank you so much for coming to us and delivering a truly and utterly inspirational key note. It was great to hear someone with so much passion, expertise and so down to earth. All headteachers enjoyed your talk and love you! The feedback is absolutely fantastic!

I am so glad I have met you as people like you give so much sense to life, and in our case, education too. Everyone was talking over lunch about you and I could not feel more proud that I had invited you and suggested your session for the last as it really was THE BEST of all we had in both days! You have inspired all Ealing Headteachers Rob!!!

Feedback from Goose Green Primary School, after attending a half day inset, led by Mr Carpenter:

Thank you! It gave me chills to imagine how the amazing Learning Environments inspire the children you work with. Your care shines through!

Thank you to all at Woodhill, you have inspired each of us with your journey of where you have come from and where you are now. You can see your hard work and perseverance.

I was very much impressed by your school. Your dedication can be seen through everything we have observed, your classrooms look absolutely amazing, we look up to you!

Thank you! It has been truly inspiring. We are leaving with a renewed enthusiasm, drive and excitement. You have a wonderful school.

What a beautifully organised and looked after school. You can see how much staff and children care for and value their resources and learning. Super smart and super tidy, well done!

I really appreciate the way you understand, you have essentially taken on a brand and all support each other. It must be a small personal sacrifice at certain points but you create such a calm, stable environment through being such a great team.

Thank you so much for allowing us to visit your school. It is clear to see all the hard work and dedication you have put in. The learning of your children is fantastic and inspiring. I have taken a lot from our visit and can’t wait to implement it!

What a beautiful school. I love the feel of the classrooms, the art work and the sense of worth that you see throughout everything you do. Thank you for sharing it with us.

We truly feel inspired by your learning environment, by books and by your children’s work. It is obvious you and your children love this school. Thank you!

It has been fascinating and inspiring, it is really clear how dedicated everyone is and how the children’s learning and well-being is central to what you do.

It is obvious that you have tremendous support networks in place to ensure you achieve here.

You have inspired us today. Impressive attention to detail, celebration of learning and pride in your pupils and their work.

I loved seeing how much care and attention has gone into creating an inspiring learning environment. I particularly liked the cosy book corners, immersive 3D displays and BEAUTIFUL handwriting all around the school.

Your books and learning environment clearly show your passion and commitment to the children you teach, and it is frankly inspiring.

Feedback from Amanda Burnell, Headteacher of Sherington Primary School:

The visit has provided us with much food for thought.

I was particularly impressed by the provision and established routines.

Very high expectations from all staff were clearly communicated and as a result, the children were engaged in all learning activities.

Their perseverance, care and attention to detail was commendable.

Feedback from Jason Abraham (Fit for Sport):

Thank you very much for making me feel so welcome, all the staff and pupils are great.

Feedback from Bill Wood:

A school with a lovely feel and vibe about it, so impressed with the way it appears and comes across. It even makes the sun shine! Thank you

Feedback from Phillip Burnett, Zoolab man, Year 4 Predator visit:

I had a brilliant time with Year 4, teaching them all about predators and prey. They did excellent animal handling and were all super brave. I hope to come back again soon.

Feedback from our current School Direct Students on their first few weeks with us:

In the short time that I have been at Woodhill, I have learn't a great deal of new ideas and processes to enhance learning. The behaviour for learning and the procedure of behaviour management has informed my school experience immensely so far. With consistent expectations of all children, it demonstrates that they are all treated equally and fairly.  The expectations of the children’s presentation and standard of work is exceptionally high.  Having high expectations of the children ensures that they all aspire to be the best version of themselves that they can be.  All of these elements will enhance my professional development and have improved my teaching experience immeasurably.  The highlight of my work is always working with the children, as this is the reason we are all here.

My first half term at Woodhill has shown me so much in a short space of time.  I have worked in various positions at different primary schools, but have never seen a school put in so much effort.  Whether it is the staff producing and delivering excellent teaching and learning or the attitudes of the children towards their work.  I believe that this will make me a far better professional, as Woodhill will have instilled in me the highest of expectations for my students and myself.  What I have learn't? - That Kagan games as a starter help focus and engage the children, hard work in the morning makes for a smoother afternoon, and that it is very 'Good to be Green'!

Feedback from attendees on the Primary Spaces training:

What a fantastic school. Thank you for hosting.

A school with a lovely feel/vibe about it.  So impressed with the way it appears and comes across.  It even makes the sun shine!  Thank you!

Feedback from Sam Curtis, Chair of Governors, following her 'Learning Walk':

Our Chair of Governors really enjoyed being in school and commented on how well the systems in place for lining up after lunchtime were working.  She spoke positively about how engaged the children were in their learning and the feeling of calm was evident.  In terms of consistency of message, Sam noticed that adults were all saying the same things throughout the school when praising or using the 'Good To Be Green' system.  Finally, she remarked on the way the children were all readily open to talking to visitors about their learning.

Feedback from visiting Doctor who spoke with Years 5 and 6:

Thank you very much for inviting me to come and talk to you about my job as a Doctor.  I was made to feel very welcome by both staff and pupils.  I thoroughly enjoyed my guided tour - thanks to Yamin and Ben.  The art work throughout the school is amazing.  The level of achievement is incredible.  I also liked the thought-provoking questions dotted around the school such as 'What is symmetry?'.  The year 5 and 6 classes were very well-behaved and they all sat beautifully listening to my talk.  Thank you again for having me. - Dr Helen Jarrett, Swindon Hospital

Parent/Carer Coffee Morning feedback:

Great discussion and one that needed to be raised, looking forward to more meetings. Thank you

Really Interesting, It is good to see that the school is trying to get parents involved in the school life of the children.

Quality information on healthy eating and insight on variety of food served in school. I enjoyed the coffee morning and I am looking forward to the improvement regarding school dinners and rewarding those who eat healthy and finish their plates.

Thank you for all the information, it is very helpful.

Well done for providing healthy food for our children to enjoy, it is good that as a school you are informing us parents about the menu choices for our children.

A good discussion and interaction about the healthy meals, I liked the idea of rewarding children who finish their plates. Adding multi-cultural dishes in the menu would be a good initiative. I would love to learn the recipes made in the school as my son always talks about them.

My children enjoy the school meals.

I found the Coffee Morning very interesting and helpful, it’s good to know that our views and opinions matter and they will be taken seriously, I feel that helping parents with ideas is very warming.

I am a Chef by profession, I was fascinated by the topic of healthy eating on a budget. I am glad that I attended this Coffee Morning, now I am able to get some ideas about school dinners in Woodhill. I really appreciate that you are trying to give healthy dinners to the children.


Thank you so much for today - well done - the parents connected and look forward to coming along to the programme. - Anna Garcia, Director of discoverME Programme.

I want to thank you for the support/advice/resources/ideas you have shared with us all this year.  A true example of uplifting leadership in action.  You and the team have really helped to focus my career goals and shape my vision; and I am sure they will help to shape Sherington's future offer/practice.  - Primary Leadership Programme attendee.

Hi Rob,

I couldn't wait to say thank you for your time today. Myself and the other trainees have been inspired and cannot wait to make a difference in Swindon next year.

My previous work life has been with M&S as a store manager and everything you said about expectations, culture and climate resonated powerfully with me, as this was what I tried to achieve in my stores. You and your teams truly live and breathe the culture every day and it was great to experience this.

I know I am at the start of my career in education and have a hell of a lot to learn but I cannot wait to get started. Thank you for reassuring me that I have made the right choice!

Thank you to Rupinder and Kate too for having us and I hope to see you all soon,

Rob Mathias (Swindon Trainee!)

Parent and Carer comments from the International Event:

The steel band was beautiful.  We loved the variety of food.

The event was very entertaining, I really enjoyed myself while watching my children enjoying and being part of the event was simply heart-warming to me. I really loved that the event embraced every culture to make everyone feel comfortable and also for other cultures to share their traditions with others. To simply put it, it was an amazing event.

I enjoyed almost everything, the organisation and all the events that took place.

It was a joy to see all of the kids going together.  I and my son were very excited.

I enjoyed the way everything went.  Firstly the kids in their international attire were looking glamorous.  Secondly, the performance by the students, dancing, the band, and general performance, and finally, the amount of food from different cultures.  I tasted most of the food and it was delicious.  A huge success.

I enjoyed the music, the dressing up and the raffle.  It was lovely to see the staff so excited about the event and I feel that it made the whole thing even better.

It was beautiful and colourful.

We enjoyed seeing all the children celebrating together and the different dancing.

I was really glad to see the International Day take place again. It was good to see many parents/carers and families taking part in this event in such an active way, and lovely to see people from all the different communities in the Woodhill family sharing their food and their culture. I really enjoyed watching the singing and the dancing, and tasting foods that were unfamiliar to me. Vice Chair of Governors

I just wanted to email and say a massive thank you not only to the children but also to you!  Today was fantastic! The children that were involved today in the photo shoot for real gym were simply amazing!  They were on task, energetic, enthusiastic, creative and above all really polite and supportive of each other during the day. I saw some lovely moments where different year group children were working together and they were really helping them to achieve their very best. The children achieved some fabulous movements which I think we captured during our time with you.Put simply your children were a real credit to the school and I feel privileged to work with your school today, so again thank you so much for your time and support today and in organising everything. Thank you all! - Gymnastics Teacher         

Dear Kate and Staff, Thank you for making me feel so welcome during my visit last week, it was great to see my old school in such 'safe hands'.

Lovely visit, all seemed a bit smaller since my last visit in 1974, still has a great feeling about the place, Thank you for the tour. Mark Brindle, Woodhill pupil from 1974

Very welcoming school, I was very impressed with some of the children's knowledge especially a boy in year 2 who had an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of minibeasts, Thank you. - Stuart Short, Ranger Stu

The Mayoress and I thoroughly enjoyed the Art fair event, it was a great initiative and our congratulations to everyone involved in making the event such a success, Thank you, Mayor Cllr. Mick Hayes. Click here to view the letter

Such a calm, ordered and beautiful environment, Thank you. Gill Bournakes

Thank you for having us visit, Wonderful staff and exciting learning environment.  Lots of ideas for us to take away. Thank you! - Ms O.Browne, Stepney Greencoat primary Deputy Head

The refurbishment of the entrance and reception area creates a welcoming atmosphere, it is bright and airy and looks great. - J.Komatowski, RBG

The pupils that helped me today were kind and polite. - C.Boeg, Parent

Dear Woodhill, Thank you so much for letting us come and look around your school, we are leaving with many ideas. - Claire, Mulgrave

Both Emma and myself have had a wonderful day and met some fantastic children, especially Tyler in Reception.  It is very obvious that the school is on a fantastic journey of improvement, keep up the hard work and you are always welcome back at Congreaves. - Michelle Green and Emma Day, Congreaves Academy

Fantastic changes to the school and extremely helpful children, Thank you . - Helen Weighell, Horn Park

Feedback from Julie Taylor, Head of Early Years & Primary Standards on our First Annual Affordable Art Exhibition: 

Hi Robert, Kate, Sam and Emma (please pass on this email to her!),

Please forgive me for taking almost a week to send this email! I have been telling EVERYONE about the Art Gallery and how wonderful it was. It was such an inspiring event which once again proves the point that high expectations make all the difference for ALL children , regardless of starting point. 

The children were so proud of their work and their accomplishments.  Those that I spoke to were so articulate re: their work, the processes undertaken and how pleased they were to see their work professionally displayed – and those that had “sold” written by their work were overcome with delight! It was such a privilege to witness.

Emma’s talent and ability to extract such amazingly creative and expert pieces from the pupils is remarkable.  I know it takes great teaching, time, patience, investment and encouragement to nurture artistic talent – well done for providing these amazing opportunities for your children – these are skills and memories that will last a lifetime!

I was hugely impressed and wonderful now to see a piece of Y3/4 work (the artist was Treasure I believe?) at The Woolwich Centre. 

Many thanks to you all and I was so pleased to have been able to take part in the event.

Best wishes and happy holidays!



Just to say a huge thank you from Emma and myself, we had a great day today working with your staff.

We were looked after really well so please thank all your lovely staff.
Thank you for the guided tour, all the photographs formed the basis of a stimulating train journey home, moving our practice on further. - Headteacher of Congreaves Primary School


Feedback from our Red Nose Day fruit salad sale;

Perfect start to the day, a healthy breakfast with good music in a fun environment. - Mr Freeman

Lovely and healthy, it is very good and encourages children to stay healthy. - Deji 5F

Delicious food! I really enjoyed it, it's very healthy and everyone had fun. - Dominika 5F

I really enjoyed having my breakfast with my Mum and the lovely music. - Graci 4S

What a lovely start to the day, I enjoyed having breakfast with my Mum, tasty fruit, great mood, thank you. - Matas and Mum

Refreshing start to a perfect Red Nose Day, refreshing idea.


It was a pleasure speaking to such well behaved children who were very polite and hopefully interested in the police. - PC Farley and PCSO Uaque, Woolwich Riverside Police

I really enjoyed my visit to Woodhill Primary School.
A great welcome, super environment and a very committed and talented group of leaders! - Andy Buck, Leadership Matters

It is always a joy to be with you.  I celebrate your journey and achievements, I feel part of the family. - Judith Twani, Early Excellence

It's hard to say in a few words what I like about Woodhill Primary School, it is clean and tidy, pupils are very polite and there was great preparation. - Leticia Gabaldon, Supply Teacher

Today I worked with the Junior Leadership Team, they were a lovely group of children. - Meenakshi Sharma, Kidscape

Lovely classes, excellent layout, super modelling and very clear precise marking. - Daniel, Notre Dame

Over in years 1 and 2, within a minute of being in class, children were all quiet and focused on what they were doing.  It really impressed me how quickly they were settled down in class.  Music was playing and the classrooms were all relaxed and calm.  When I walked into a year 4 class, my first thought was that it was noisy and were the children working.  I sat and just watched for a while and could quickly see the children were all engaged in work.  I was really impressed at how easily the teacher was able to get the attention of the class, she was calm and in control.  On several occasions she would praise a table of children that were doing the correct thing as an example to others, it seemed to have a great effect. - Woodhill Primary School's Chair of Governors

The school is continuously improving every day. – Parent

The day went very well, the teachers and reception staff were all very welcoming and two teachers kindly helped me bring the animals into the school from the car.  The three classes of children all sat brilliantly and we had some great answers to questions. - Ranger Stu

Thank you for making us feel very welcome and for putting on a nice spread, you were very friendly and we really enjoyed the day. - Foxfield Primary School parents

Staff lovely, very supportive.  Children were very well behaved.  Well done Woodhill. - Kings Dentist

We are delighted to have received a thank you letter from Edward Timpson, Minister for Children and Families, following his visit to Woodhill Primary School on Thursday 22nd January.  The Minister came to Woodhill, along with Olympic Gold Medallist Duncan Goodhew MBE, and Councillor John Fahy, to hear more about the success of our new swimming programme.  Click here to view the letter.

Thank you for having us, it was great to see the children learning about Ancient Egypt and enjoying our show. – Freshwater Theatre

Observed a brilliant lesson taught by Miss Huxley – Thank you. – Foxfield Primary School Teacher

Wonderful welcome, polite. Great idea to use children to welcome guests, it will give them confidence for “Real life”. – M Donovan

Fantastic course that was really inspiring and gave me clear vision on next steps in leadership. Thank you

Great Facilities and a very warm welcome as always. Thank you. – Foxfield Primary School staff

Very welcoming, great staff.  I left feeling like I want to return. Thank you.

An inspiring visit! – Foxfield Primary School Teacher

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Feedback from our courses and programmes

DiscoverME Course

  • I really enjoyed the course and felt it was really beneficial.  I can see myself taking aspects of the course and motivating myself to do more.
  • I found the course emotional but in a positive way, I will take a lot from today.  It was fun and enjoyable.
  • It was lovely to watch everyone gain confidence and do things they didn't feel they could.
  • I discovered that others have their own personal issues, I'm not alone.
  • The teachers were brilliant, inspiring and very fun.