Year 4

In January, the school was closed following government guidelines in response to COVID-19. Our remote education is now in place (more information can be found in the remote learning tab). The remote education will follow our curriculum as close as possible. Below is the intended learning for Spring term which will be closely mirrored in our remote education.

This term our focus is on sustainability and the children will explore the impact that humans have on the environment on a global level. They will identify how deforestation and climate change has affected animals and their habitats before producing a documentary to highlight the current crisis.

In English, our core text this term is “Saving Species” by Jess French. The will be exploring features of non-fiction texts and identifying the features of fact files. In addition to this, children will be learning how to use direct and indirect speech within their writing. The children will also use role play to support their writing and help generate ideas. The children will then write a newspaper article about the endangered species that they have been learning about.

In Maths, children will begin the term by multiplying 2-digit numbers with 1-digit numbers using concrete, pictorial and formal methods. Children will then use these methods to multiply 3-digit numbers with 1-digit numbers. Our next topic, we will be looking at the inverse operation of division using pictorial and concrete methods before learning the formal method. As the term progresses, children will be ordering fractions in ascending and descending order. Towards the end of term, children will finding fractions of amounts both pictorially and formally.

In art, we will be looking at the artist James Gilleard, who illustrated our core text, ‘Saving Species’. He uses geometric shapes to create abstract illustrations of animals. We will be using watercolours to create pictures of endangered animals and enhancing the image by layering tissue paper cut in geometric shapes on top.

In geography, we will be exploring the effects of deforestation on the animals. We will also be comparing biomes and their features. This will support us to create a documentary about our findings. We will also be applying previous map skills to locate the different rainforest and discuss the impact climate change has had on them. We will be comparing and contrasting the rainforest from the past to the present.

In RE, we will be exploring the four noble truths of Buddhism to see how Buddhist live their lives.  We will also be looking at the eight-fold path to explore the key teachings of Buddhism.

In science, we will be exploring animals and their habitats to observe how environmental changes affect wildlife.

In PE, we will be using our bodies to create different shapes and we will be creating sequence with these shapes. We will also be developing our coordination and balance skills whilst building up our stamina for exercise.