Year 2

In January, the school was closed following government guidelines in response to COVID-19. Our remote education is now in place (more information can be found in the remote learning tab). The remote education will follow our curriculum as close as possible. Below is the intended learning for Spring term which will be closely mirrored in our remote education.

This term Year Two will be exploring the global theme of Human Rights and uneven distribution of power. We will be focussing on how historical events and influential people, including Dr Barnardo, helped make an impact on children’s lives in both the past and present day. Through learning about the work of the Barnardo’s charity, we will be raising awareness about volunteering and then writing persuasive letters to encourage others to volunteer to support people in need. Through our letters we will encourage our school community to donate food to the local food bank to help make a positive impact on our local community.

Our core text this term is ‘The Journey’ by Francesca Sanna, which follows the journey of a family who were unexpectedly forced to leave their war-stricken country to find a safer place to live, whilst faced with different obstacles along the way. This focusses on the theme of human rights and uneven distribution of power and will encourage the children to empathise with different perspectives whilst considering the rights people have around the world - as well as how fair or equal these may or may not be. Our core text will influence us to generate two outcomes; one oracy based and one written. In the first part of the half term, the children will retell the story through role play which will enable them to develop their oracy skills through presenting but also their IT skills through filming and editing their videos. They will then write a written recount of the story through the main character’s perspective using a variety of imaginative writing strategies such as expanded noun phrases and using ambitious vocabulary to describe the journey faced, as well as rhetorical questions. 

In maths this half term we will continue to focus on addition and subtraction, using concrete resources including dienes, unifix and numicon. We will also be using key vocabulary including ‘addend’ and ‘sum’ and ‘minuend’, ‘subtrahend’ and ‘difference’ as well as formal written methods to show our working. We will continue to explicitly teach the 1 and 2 times tables as well as counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Our curriculum lessons will continue to have a history focus, building on previous knowledge from last term on the Victorians. We will compare children’s rights then and now and learn about how key figures in history such as Dr Barnardo and how he helped make an impact in improving children’s rights through the work carried out with his charity Barnardos. We will gain an understanding of how volunteers support within both our local and school environments and what we can do to support as well. We will write persuasive letters to encourage our school community to support our local food bank as everyone has the right to be able to access food. In PE we will be learning to improve our balance through developing our skipping, jumping and hopping skills in outdoor lessons and gymnastics in our indoor lessons. Our art will be influenced by the works of Rachel Moore, a local screen printer. We will practise printing in different ways and create outcomes of printed wheels to reflect the journey the characters took in our core text. In science, we will be learning about materials by investigating their suitability for different purposes and using this knowledge to support our design of a shelter. Our RE this term will be focussing on Christianity, values and the story of the Good Samaritan.

In Year 2, our reading books will be changed on a Monday and a Friday. Parents can support their children's learning through reading and discussing the books daily, recording in reading journals and by giving children the opportunity to visit the local library to read about and research our topics. We will also be sending out spellings and phonics or maths related activities on a Friday, which are due the following Wednesday. Additionally, there will be a variety of homework activities to choose from at the start of the term relating to our overarching theme of Human Rights.