Parent Pay

For the safety of children and staff, we are unable to receive cash payments in school. We are therefore pleased to introduce a new, more user friendly, online payment system ParentPay.

The system is easy to use and will allow you to also do things such as give trip permission and look at letters online. Our school dinner company, Chartwells, will also collect school dinner money on this system.

Parent voice has told us that this is something that is welcomed by the community. Letters can now be uploaded onto ParentPay and a text sent out when this communication is available. Hard copies will still be available on request.

Parents who need to continue making payments by cash for school dinners may still do so using the PayPoint network at local convenience stores. Our local store is located in Kingsman Street Parade.  To do this you will just need to inform the office and a plastic card will be issued to you to make cash payments at the store.

The School Office can gice you activation details for your ParentPay account. If you have more than one child at the school, or children at other ParentPay schools, you can create a single account login for all of your children. Making a payment online is straightforward using your credit or debit card.

If you would like any assistance in using your ParentPay account, the office is of course happy to help. Please do email us on  or call us on 020 8854 5055.