Reception 2022

Woodhill Primary Open Days

Wednesday 6th October 9.30am

Tuesday 19th October 2.00pm

Thursday 4th November 4.00pm

Wednesday 10th November 2.00pm

Tuesday 16th November 9.30pm

Thursday 2nd December 4.00pm

Wednesday 8th December 2.00pm

Please phone the school office on 020 8854 5055 to book a place on one of our open day tours and Ms Bywater or Ms Mapp will show you around.

Information for Prospective Parents

Thank you for considering Woodhill Primary School as a school for your child starting in September 2022.  We are delighted to share further information with you here, including several video tours to help with your decision to choose Woodhill:


Woodhill Primary School is a three form entry inclusive Primary School located at the bottom of Woodhill between the Charlton and Woolwich borders, with the space to welcome ninety children to our Reception setting each year. 

Our vision and values underpin all that we do, and we ensure that through our teaching, learning and provision, every child is given the best possible beginning to their education in order to make great strides in their learning. We work closely with outside agencies to meet any additional needs of the pupils, and partnerships with parents are crucial to us in supporting pupils' learning, progress and happiness. We have a ‘limitless minds’ approach to our learning and strongly believe that all children have the potential to achieve well when provided with rich learning opportunities, experiences, care and guidance. We challenge our children and ourselves to be the best we can be in a safe, creative, rich and purposeful environment.


Our learning is planned around a skills based global curriculum that we feel is relevant for life and learning in the 21st Century, and critically important for future success. We believe that global learning helps pupils make sense of the increasingly complex and rapidly changing world in which they live. Each half term we plan the pupils' learning in depth using a core-text approach, engaging the children in high quality texts and rich and meaningful learning experiences which ensures they feel connected to their learning and the world around them. 


Woodhill022During our most recent Ofsted Inspection in December 2019, they found that:

'In the early years, children have many opportunities to play, explore and explain their learning. They develop their use of numbers and understanding of scientific concepts, for example the role of bees in the environment.'

'Children in the early years and pupils in school feel safe and happy.'

'There is a real sense of community at this school. The relationships between pupils, staff and families are very strong.'


Woodhill036 We consider every member of our school community to be a life-long learner and value all contributions to the continued improvements to our school. 

Book an appointment

Prospective parents are more than welcome to tour the school or schedule a telephone call with our Headteacher, Mrs Vdovin.

If this is something you would be interested in please call the school office on 020 8854 5055 or email us at to arrange a convenient time.

We very much look forward to meeting you and showing you around our excellent setting and provision.

How to complete your primary school application

All schools in Royal Greenwich have a single point of entry for reception and admit children in September. Please visit the Royal Greenwich website for further details and an online application form at

Please click here to view the the Royal Greenwich Primary School Admissions Booklet.

The deadline for Reception applications is 15th January 2022.

An inside look at Woodhill Primary School 

We are delighted to share further information with you here, including several video tours, to help with your decision to choose Woodhill.

A day in life of a reception child

Inside the Classroom

Outside in the Reception Playground

Maths lessons


More information about us


At Woodhill, we believe in shaping and educating our children to become citizens for the 21st century by broadening their minds and experiences. We do this through our Inspire Global Curriculum, which comprises of 6 themes:

  • Peace and Conflict
  • Human Rights
  • Identity and Diversity
  • Power and Governance
  • Social Justice and Equity
  • Sustainable Development

Each term, EYFS shape their learning around a topic which is enriched with a variety of quality core-texts, trips and provision. We also make strong connections with global learning and citizenship. The children will build up to a project each term. Past projects included planting gardens for the bees and delivering food parcels to needy families. Along with this, we use Development Matters to ensure that children receive an age appropriate curriculum based on the seven areas of learning in EYFS:

  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design


In Reception, each child takes part in daily phonics lessons to develop their letters and sound knowledge, as well as to build on their early reading skills.

We encourage the children to use phonics throughout their learning, and regularly promote phonics development within the resources and provision.

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Learning Environments

The classroom learning environment is the ‘Third Teacher’. It supports us all in giving messages about our ethos and values and celebrates high quality learning. Through our high-quality learning environment, we provide children with a stimulating, enriching and creative learning experience.

All of our classrooms are arranged so that children can move freely, accessing the resources and provision that suits their needs and interests. The equipment and resources are planned around the seven areas of development, and the global theme or topic.

An important part of the Early Years curriculum requires us to provide children with ample opportunity for outdoor learning and malleable play, e.g. water, mud, dough etc. Children are entitled to access our outdoor areas at all times.

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The School Day

Our daily timetable encourages your child to learn and develop in a range of ways. Throughout the day, they will take part in whole class lessons, small group lessons, and engage in independent activities during ‘choosing’ time. This means they can move freely around the classroom to access the resources and equipment available. We also incorporate additional lessons on a weekly basis, such as Art, PE, Circle Times and more.


You can choose for your child to enjoy school dinners or they can bring a packed lunch to school. Our dinner menus are changed termly and are on a 3 week rotation. There are vegetarian options for every meal. We have fruit available each day for children to have as a snack, as well as free school milk.

From September 2014, all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to free school meals.

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At Woodhill, School Uniform is compulsory and consists of:

  • Black jumper or cardigan with Woodhill logo
  • White polo shirt with Woodhill logo
  • Grey or black trousers, skirt or pinafore dress
  • Plain flat black shoes or plain black trainers (no coloured soles, laces or designs)
  • White, black or grey socks or grey tights
  • Book bag with Woodhill logo

Girls wearing hijabs, headscarves or bows should wear plain black, white, or grey to fit with the colours of the school.

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At Woodhill School, we know that parents are children’s first educators and we value being partners with them in their child’s education.

We ensure that parents are fully involved in their child’s education by:

  • Regularly sharing children’s ‘Learning Journeys’ with parents and valuing the ongoing contributions to this from parents/carers
  • Giving parents/carers the opportunity to take part in their child's education and share their interests and expertise
  • Delivering workshops to share our practice, ethos and ideas with parents/carers e.g. Phonics demonstrations and Early Readers workshops
  • Promoting a love of reading for parents/carers to read with their child
  • Opportunities for parents/carers to participate in learning through celebrations
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