Challenge Partners

We undertook our second annual review with Challenge Partners. Our membership to this organisation means that we are committed to regular reviews of the school that are led by a trained Ofsted inspector and team of experienced school leaders. We feel that this rigorous process of regular reviews is beneficial for the school in order to ensure that we receive a constructive critique of the work that we do; it is only through feedback that we continually improve.

The team of reviewers were with us for 3 days. On the first day, they had the chance to look through the school documentation, such as our plans for further school improvements, our evaluations of the school’s work, and our data outcomes.

This was followed by two days of seeing the school in action, including observations of teaching and learning from Nursery to Year 6, and looking at children’s books right across the curriculum. The purpose of this was to ensure that they could check that the quality of teaching is consistently high every day.

Alongside these activities, they also held several meetings with school leaders to ensure we are developing robust plans for the school, that our judgements of the school’s work are accurate and to check that our monitoring of data and groups of pupils is rigorous. Most importantly, they spent time talking to lots of children to ensure their views about the school are heard.

We are pleased to let parents know that the review was a huge success. Unanimously, the reviewers came to conclusion that the school should be evaluating itself as ‘outstanding’ in all areas’ and they were very complimentary about the high standards and the quality of education and experiences that our children are receiving here at Woodhill. They also accredited our school’s Inclusive Teaching and Intervention as an ‘Area of Excellence’ for our commitment to providing best possible education for the local community.

Every observed lesson demonstrated an exceptionally high quality of teaching and learning experiences. Lessons included high-level questioning to probe and dig deeper, very well-established learning routines with a broad range of resources to support and challenge the learning including collaboration, rich discussions and thoughtful responses to feedback from our children who modelled fantastic learning behaviours and respect, exemplary relationships between staff and pupils which enabled all children to make strong progress.

They were particularly impressed with pupil leadership and how articulate and proud our children are of the school community. They also thought the breadth of our curriculum keeps pupils interested in life outside their own community and provides them with high aspirations of themselves and what they want to achieve.

If you wish to read our full published report, please follow the link below to our

We always welcome your comments and appreciate your feedback so that you can not only celebrate our successes but also read about what we need to do next to be even better.