Parent Coffee Mornings

At Woodhill Primary we believe that the more engaged a parent is in their child’s learning, the more learning is supported in the home, the more likely the child is to do well. There is a consistent relationship between increasing parental engagement and improved attendance, behaviour and achievement therefore working together has a positive impact on children’s learning and development.

All our parents and carers are invited to attend our regular coffee mornings which take place on  Fridays. It is an opportunity to meet and chat to other parents, have a coffee and other refreshments (provided by the school) and to learn about a range of different things.
Presentations and workshops include ways to help and support your child with their learning and provide parenting advice and support on a wide range of matters, as well as to provide opportunity for parents to develop their skills and talents.

Coffee mornings are fun and informal and give you the chance to ask questions, share experiences and give suggestions about what you want to learn and improve.

Make sure you put the dates in the diary and we hope to see you all there!

Parent Coffee Mornings Programme 2016/17

January 13th

Health, fitness and wellbeing


Mr Freeman and Joel Culpepper

January 27th

Supporting your child with developing phonics and spellings

Ms Bywater and Mrs Huxley


February 1st

Spellings/Phonics open morning


All class teachers

February 3rd

Safer Internet Day

Mr Bright



February 7th

Safer Internet Day open morning

All class teachers



February 24th

Supporting your child with developing mental maths strategies


Miss Molnar


March 1st

Mental maths open morning



All class teachers


March 10th

Engaging children in Science



Miss Waterton

March 15th

Science open morning



All class teachers

March 23rd

Easter Arts and Crafts



MIss Bairstow



Easter Break

Friday 3rd April to Monday 17th April


Coffee Mornings from Academic year 2016/17

Friday 13th January 2017 - Healthy eating

Today we welcomed parents in to our coffee morning on ‘Healthy eating and exercise’. It proved very worthwhile with some fantastic discussions taking place around how we can encourage our children to make better food choices. ‘I am going to work with my child to create a menu every week in order to give them more ownership on how they can make healthy choices in their diet’.


Friday 25th November 2016 - Assessment

This morning, we hosted a coffee morning about Assessment at Woodhill.  We focussed on the changes to assessment and how we have created our own systems here at Woodhill. We shared the Key Performance Indicators at the end of each year group and explained how these support assessments at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2.  In addition, the school's thinking around testing and preparation for the end of KS2 tests was communicated.

'Very informative. We have a much greater understanding of what is expected of the children and appreciation all of the hard work put into it by the teachers. Thank you.'


Friday 18th November 2016 - Mindset

This morning, we hosted a coffee morning on the subject of Mindsets. we explored the two different mindsets: Growth and Fixed and we then focused on the vital role we as teachers and parents can have when helping to develop a Growth mindset among our children, as learners.

'Thank you. The coffee morning gave me a motivational kick for the day. Food for thought.'

'Great coffee morning today. I really appreciate all the information about how we can think about and change the mindset. Thank you once again.'


Friday 11th November 2016 - Postcards

This morning, we hosted a coffee morning to launch our parent postcards. These cards will support parents to help their children to verbalise their ideas, reflect on their learning and contribute to developing confident, self-assured learners at Woodhill.

'The information that was shared today was very useful and will help me with how to make my children tell me what they have been doing in school. ​'

'I think the cards are an excellent idea and I am looking forward to using them with my children'


Friday 4th November 2016 - Successes and Core priorities

Thank you to all the parents/carers that managed to join us for the coffee morning and helped us celebrate and reflect upon the last year. This also gave us an opportunity to come together to hear thoughts and ideas around our core priorities for 2016-17 and how we can continue to move forward together as a school. ​

"I enjoyed today's coffee morning as it was great to hear about all the successes and learn more about all the things that he school will do to move forward."

"An excellent coffee morning yet again, clearly expressed and showcasing impressive vision for the school. You have made a massive difference to my children's lives so thank you for your passion and enthusiasm. This has filtered down so well to the children and I love the idea for children to lead panels. Thank you for all your hard work!"

" It was very helpful to hear about the plans for the school improvement and how the learning process looks like."


Friday 14th October 2016 - Diversity

We have finished our week on a high note with a well-attended Diversity Week coffee morning which focused on sharing ideas and preparation for this exciting event in our community. Thank you so much for everybody who joined in and contributed as together we will make this event a great success!

“This is the first time I’ve attended coffee morning and had a great time. I love what has been said and will support the school. This will not be my last time!”

 “I love the idea of the Diversity Week and bringing the community together. It will surely help the children to understand different cultures and traditions better. I know the Diversity Week will be a success!”

On Thursday 20th October, children should come to school wearing a traditional outfit or dress in colours of the flag representing the country of their origin.



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