At Woodhill Primary School we believe in a cross-curricular approach to learning.  Teams of teachers plan together, with overlapping themes and ideas that stem from the chosen literacy text.  This cross-curricular approach enables the children to be immersed in the subject they are learning about.

We believe that Computing should be used to empower the curriculum and assist in delivering high quality outcomes in all areas, particularly in English and the Humanities.  Over the course of the next two terms, the focus will be on allowing the children to use the different technology available to them to become creators.

Children across the school will have opportunities to be creative and use iPads and cameras to create narrated slideshows, short movies and movie trailers using iMovie, and to create and publish e-books using apps such as Book creator.  In addition to this, Upper Key Stage Two will be looking at developing a project of enhancing the school’s social media platforms by introducing a Youtube channel to showcase their best work, which will bring publishing forward into the digital age.

Children of all ages will be actively involved in blogging their experiences about daily school life and the extra-curricular activities they experience, as well as documenting the roles they play in the Junior Leadership Team.