What other leaders say


  • Through our discussions, Learning Walks in schools, the staff meeting that you took and the documents that you shared, you helped me to really focus my thinking upon learning, both within teaching and the way in which the environment played such a key part in supporting this. This enhanced my vision. I now regularly refer to the classroom as being the 'silent teacher' - a phrase that I learnt from you. The impact has been a real drive on learning, reflected in the language used by staff and children, the quality of teaching, the environment and the marking. 


  • Feedback marking is developing, with greater focus upon positive comments as well as improvement points. The 'Feedback Marking' document provided useful guidance on what to write for improvement / development / application points which have been applied well. This is an area we continue to improve.


  • The clearer Steps to Success have improved not only the quality of the teaching / modelling but also the quality of peer assessment as children are more aware of what to focus upon when giving praise and improvement points.  


  • The language of learning is now far more prominent, both being modelled by staff and through the voice of the child which now features on all displays on speech bubbles.


  • As a staff, through our focus upon learning - learning environments, teaching, assessment, feedback marking, etc. - we are now able to tell our story - a really important aspect. Expectations have been set and are clear and they provide a useful means of assessment criteria in their own right. Everyone knows what the standard is, where we're heading and that we're on a journey - everyone's on the bus!


  • You challenged me regarding the way in which we were seeking to develop our teachers, especially those who were underperforming. Whilst there have been other unavoidable factors involved as well, our expectations are now far clearer for everyone. The resulting impact has been improved quality of teaching and we recently had 2 teachers successfully complete their NQT year.


  • Our discussions / reflections re leadership styles was extremely beneficial. You helped me to believe that I could do the job and that I didn't have to change my personality, especially when it came to 'dealing' with staff and relating issues.  


  • I am now able to tell our story to visitors looking around the school. This is especially helpful when showing round prospective parents as I can confidently talk about the way in which we promote learning and then can back this up as we walk around the school with what that looks like in practice. as well as nurture children. 


Headteacher St Peters Primary - Medway

  • Robust structures result in rigorous monitoring of teaching and learning. This ensures the learners are making accelerated progress, I have seen clear evidence of this in books on my visit to the school.
  • Leaders are approachable, expectations are clear and concise and all staff feel valued as learners and professionals.

Jeanette Brumby

Executive Headteacher

Haseltine Primary School and Fairlawn Primary School



Thank you for inviting us to see such a vibrant learning community, where it is clear that everyone is committed to providing the best outcomes for the children.  We are inspired by the way the children’s knowledge and understanding is deepened and embedded from lesson to lesson.  It is refreshing to spend quality time with a leader who is able to articulate the vision and philosophy with passion"

Mrs Lindi Nejrup  & Rachel Nevins-Stanford

Silverdale Primary School.


A fantastic meeting with like minded leaders.  I loved the vibrancy of the school; beautiful, purposeful and calm. The behaviour of the children was excellent."

Roy Coleman

Head Teacher of Nightingale School.


This has been an inspirational day.  We are leaving full of ideas and are very excited about what the future holds.  There is an incredible buzz of excitement at the school and the learning environment is totally stunning.  Thank you to senior leaders, staff and pupils for sharing your wonderful school with us."

Ruth Robinson - Principle

Mandy Sturman - Headteacher

Andrea Blackmore - Headteacher

Alison Wilson - Assistant Headteacher. 

All Swindon Acadamy

Please click here to read the evaluation form from session one of the primary leadership programme - Leading Self and Others.