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Headteacher's Coffee Morning

Thank you to all of the parents and carers that attended our recent Headteacher’s Coffee Morning. It was great to hear how positively parents speak about Woodhill, and the recognition that the school has been under a huge transformation over the last two years. We are all now eagerly awaiting our next Ofsted inspection, as we know that Woodhill is a school to be very proud of.

Some of the ways in which parents expressed we could improve further, during our coffee morning, included:

Ensuring that younger sizes of school uniform are available

Miss Jarrett has been looking into this and we are pleased to confirm that we stock a full range of sizes to suit all ages. We have also been in contact with an alternative uniform provider and sampling more durable materials. We will be able to give an update on this early in the spring term.

Providing parents with more information on spellings that their child should learn Spring term parent workshops with a focus on spelling have been scheduled in. Please check the weekly newsletter for specific dates.

Helping parents understand how the staffing structure at the school works so that they know who they should go to if they have a concern about their child

This was detailed in the newsletter sent out on 4th December.

Leading year group coffee mornings so that parents can meet with Phase Leaders These have been added to our spring term coffee morning schedule; please see the newsletters for specific dates.

Reducing congestion in the playground before school

From the spring term we will be opening the upper key stage 2 playground before school, and the older children will use this space to line up. We hope that this will reduce the number of parents waiting in the lower key stage 2 playground. In addition, the key stage 1 teachers have reviewed their arrangements for lining up so that we increase the amount of open space available within this playground.

Helping to improve road safety outside the school

A letter went out to all parents on the week of the Headteacher Coffee Morning regarding road safety issues, and what we can all do to mitigate them. We have also made contact with our local Royal Borough of Greenwich Councillors, who are conducting a site visit on the first day back in January. The local community officers have also promised to visit us more frequently to monitor the situation and determine how they can best support us with this. 

Providing more information on how parents can support their child at home with maths calculations

From January, all homework should include examples of the methods children are using in maths (where appropriate). We will also lead a maths calculation workshop for parents in the spring term (further details will be provided in the newsletter).