Recently our whole school community took part in Digital Awareness Day. Thanks to the many of you who attended the coffee morning which focussed on the nature of social networking that many of our children will be exposed to and how to ensure we keep our children safe online.

Our Reception and Key Stage 1 children enjoyed learning all about keeping each other safe on the internet through the story of Digiduck which tells the tale of receiving a digital image of your friend. In the story the wiseowl takes Digiduck to the future to explore what the consequences would be of reposting photographs on the internet.

‘Digiduck decided to delete the photo because if he put it online it could have upset his friends or someone else could use it’

In Year 3/4 the children had some very interesting debates around a range of scenarios such as what would they do if they were playing a game online and someone asked to be their friend and is this the same as asking someone in person to be your friend. The children were very reflective during these discussions and give each other some very practical advice.

‘I would not accept the request as I don’t know them and they could then access my personal information.’

Year 5/6 looked into how they can make positive choices about their online presence and be well informed when signing up to different networking sites through looking at the different options for privacy settings.

‘I know that positive online behaviour can be shown by ensuring that I set my privacy options to only my friends being able to see my profile.’

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