Junior Leadership Team

Our role is to act as link between the children in our class, the Junior Leadership Team, the Senior Leadership Team and the Governors of Woodhill Primary School.  As members of the Junior Leadership Team we have a special role in making sure that the children in our school have a voice and opportunities to evaluate and develop Woodhill, so that it continues to grow. Each member of the Junior Leadership Team is elected through a democratic process, providing children with individual liberty to empower choices around their education.

Pupil name Year groug Class Photo
Christian Year 6 Oak Tree Oak
Peter Year 6 Cedar Tree Cedar
Tessy Year 5 Beech Tree Beech
Amidat Year 5 Willow Tree Willow
Katie Year 5 Palm Tree Palm
Sumayaah Year 4 Juniper Tree Juniper
Kacie Year 4 Silver Birch Tree Silver Birch
Zara Year 4 Cherry Tree Cherry
Toby Year 3 Chestnut Tree Chestnut
Gabriel Year 3 Elm Tree Elm
Hanna Year 3 Aspen Tree Aspen
Callie Rae Year 2 Hawthorn Tree Hawthorn
Samel Year 2 Sycamore Tree Sycamore
Holly Year 2 Rowan Tree Rowan
Sumaya Year 1 Maple Tree Maple
Aisha Year 1 Pine Tree Pine
Cristal Year 1 Hazel Tree Hazel